at all.

“Wait a minute, you just said that you teleported to the vicinity of Demon Blade City. What is the situation in Demon Blade City now?” Yang Jian suddenly asked, his momentum approaching Wang Meng.
Xue Zhongnan smiled slightly, “Wang Meng is the Yang Jian sect leader of Tianhong Sect and the city lord of Xueyue City.”
“I’ve met Sect Leader Yang, and this is what happened.” Wang Meng was chased and then accidentally entered the Demon Blade City, where he set fire to the core tower of the Demon Blade City.
The sect leaders and ancestors in the audience were silent and stared at Wang Meng in stunned silence.
Three hundred and twenty-two: Meet the elders!
“Wang Meng, you said that you took on the identity of the elder of the Ghost Heart Sect and sneaked into the Demon Blade City. It is credible, but the core tower formation makes up for it. Even the masters of Dzogchen will inevitably be discovered. How did you get in!”
Zhao Xinglun said.
“Little Huo Miao is good at breaking formations. It seems that no formation method has any effect on it.”
/Wang Meng pointed at Xiao Huo Miao, who shook the flames on his head proudly.
Everyone still found it a little hard to believe that the essence of the five elements was naturally very precious, but it was nothing to these Dzogchen masters, not to mention that this little flame was still young.
/The best explanation is that without any explanation, Wang Meng directly took out the energy crystals from the Demon Blade City.
“This is the shrunken crystal.”
Others didn’t know it, but all the sect leaders present were shocked, and Yang Jian couldn’t help but feel a little excited.
“Sect Master Xue, you are a little embarrassed, you didn’t tell us that there is such a talent hidden in the temple!”
The other sect leaders also had smiles on their tired faces. Seeing the energy crystal, they felt relieved. It seemed that Demon Blade City had really retreated.
“Haha, Wang Meng, no wonder Fan Hong praised you as one of the few in the sky, the only one on earth, good boy, for a while!” Fan Ru had been watching, and finally spoke at this time. It seemed that his trip was well worth it.
“Wang Meng, this is Sect Master Fan Ru of the Fahua Sect in the Xiaoqian Realm of Tide. He is the master of your friend Fan Hong. Fortunately, Sect Master Fan Ru came to help this time.”
“Junior Wang Meng pays homage to Sect Master Fan. Fan Hong often talks about his senior to the junior and has admired him for a long time.”
“Haha, that boy must have said bad things about me. Cultivation Academy still needs you to take more care of him.” Fan Ru said.
Sect Leader Fan was so polite that other sect leaders and a group of experts had to look at Wang Meng with admiration. They didn’t know where a magical figure emerged from the temple, and why they had never heard of it before.
Wang Meng scratched his head in embarrassment, “Actually, I trouble him more.”
Fan Ru laughed, and his impression of Wang Meng increased. He knew where Fan Hong’s spiritual stones were spent, but as long as it was bene