decisive battle. Wang Meng of the Five Elements Body could fight anywhere, but Luo Xian believed that it was more than enough to destroy a small Wang Meng.

“Vulcan Xiaoqianjie!” The deacon of Baizhan Pavilion said calmly.
As soon as he heard about this place, Xiao Huo Miao waved his chubby hands and danced happily. Wang Meng waved, and Xiao Huo Miao jumped on Wang Meng’s shoulder.
Luo Xian sneered, “Let’s get started.”
The two entered the teleportation array. It was rumored that Luo Xian’s life mark was above the forty-fifth floor and he could become the boss of a camp. His personal ranking in the Cultivation Academy was also in the top twenty. In comparison, Wang Meng was indeed a nobody. This is different from Qi Feiyu’s unranked forty-plus levels are completely different.
Wang Meng felt that he was very connected to the Fire God’s Small Thousand Realm. He came here again not long after, and his five elements almost all started to break through from the fire of the five elements. It was a good sign anyway.
Of course Luo Xian, the God of Fire, Xiaoqianjie, knows that, but he also has fire among the five elements, so he is not afraid of it.
The light flashed and the two people appeared in the Vulcan Xiaoqian Realm. Wang Meng and Xiao Huo Miao were very familiar with this place.
/Luo Xian immediately placed a mental lock on Wang Meng to prevent the kid from running away. Seeing that Wang Meng did not run away, Luo Xian really didn’t know why this guy was so bold.
When he arrived at his own territory, Xiao Huo Miao waved his fist at Luo Xian very arrogantly.
What kind of owner and what kind of goods, even a pet is so arrogant.
In this kind of life-and-death fight, you can use all kinds of methods, no matter what magic weapon, spiritual beast, Yin or Ming, there are no taboos.
Luo Xian punched out a spirit beast talisman, and with a roar, a huge spirit beast appeared. It was more than three meters tall, a rock beast!
Descendants of the prehistoric era have strong defenses against physical attacks and spell attacks. They cannot use spells, but their physical attacks are ferocious.
Matching this kind of spiritual beast is to make up for the lack of physical attack and defense. As for magic, Luo Xian is quite confident. His personal ranking in the Cultivation Academy is nineteen! ! !
“Boy, I will make you die miserably!”
Luo Xian rose into the air, and instantly a stream of fire symbols rushed crazily in all directions. A huge formation enveloped Wang Meng and Xiao Huo Miao, while the rock beast stared with its huge blood-red eyes.
At the same time, Luo Xian’s spells also focus on rock beasts, and Fu Xiu can use spells to increase the combat effectiveness of his spiritual beasts.
The rock beast was stimulated, and its size became significantly larger. The fangs at the corners of its mouth suddenly grew, and it roared and rushed towards Wang Meng.
Xiao Huo Miao waved her fist and rushed forward before Wang Meng could take action.
How could Xiao Huo Miao be timid in his own territory?
The rock beast was