. Everyone has different understandings of the same law, and there are also differences in levels.

Wang Meng silently realized the difference. Unfortunately, this trace of law was too little, although it could be felt. But it cannot bring more insights.
/At a higher level, it is likely to be a confrontation of laws. Defeating the strong, understanding more laws, and making one’s own law taboos is probably the way of the gods.
“Let’s go.”
Wang Meng’s eyes moved, and that will swept over again.
Just on the other side of the meteorite.
After bypassing the stone wall and carefully advancing for a distance, a long sword floating in the air appeared in front of everyone, emitting a strange treasure light.
No judgment required. Wang Meng and the four of them suddenly had a realization in their minds: this sword. It is the center of this world.
The buzzing sword made a buzzing sound, full of strange Taoist charm. The precious light flashing from the sword also seems to hide various powers. As long as you hold the long sword, you can control the entire world.
“The light that lures the treasure?” Ma Tian’er slowly launched a defense, and a ray of awakening light spread around everyone, resisting some kind of power emitted by the sword.
“It’s weird. It’s not just temptation, but also a bit of a strange law.” Wang Meng nodded, “It’s probably not a natural formation, but it has been manipulated.”
/“Uh, I don’t feel anything.” Suo Ming touched the war hammer.
“There aren’t many people who can do tricks on the formation eyes of the Conferred God Tower. If you break the long sword, you should be able to open the formation eyes.” Ma Tian’er’s eyes moved slightly and she glanced at Meng Ningzi, but she didn’t finish her sentence.
The formation eye is the key to the mission of each space in the God-Selfing Tower. If you cannot find the formation eye, you will not be able to start the mission, and you will not be able to break through the levels of the space and reach a higher level of space.
The four of them walked to the sword. Ma Tian’er took a deep breath, and nine wooden thunder dragons protected her around her. “I’ll do it.”
Wang Meng nodded. He had not reached the ninetieth level yet. Only Ma Tianer or Suo Ming who had reached the ninetieth level could open the formation eye.
Ma Tianer slowly stretched out her hand towards the long sword, and from time to time a green crack flashed across her fingertips. It was the power of the wooden divine thunder. The thunder method can destroy evil, no matter what kind of evil power was applied to the eyes of the long sword. Dharma, with just one strike of divine thunder, all evil will be annihilated.
At this moment, no one noticed that something was wrong with Meng Ningzi’s expression.
Meng Ningzi looked at the precious light, and in a trance, she seemed to see the distant future. Holding a long sword, she dominated all things as a tyrant, and the golden wolf was beside her, flying together.
Just when Ma Tian’er was about to touch the long sword, Meng Ningzi unconsciously s