ivators fell into trance, concentrated on their thoughts, and eliminated their inner demons. Their cultivation speed was more than three times higher than usual. After three full days, The spiritual light dissipated, but it still enveloped the entire Blood Soul Ridge with a radius of hundreds of miles, and its power was astonishing.

“According to the calculations of our Supervisor Tiansi, if this formation is completed, the fortune of my family in Blood Soul Ridge will be extended by more than three times. In other words, the Purple Fate Immortal Induction Formation created by Director Zhu will immediately The ancestral hall is the best choice. This is a super formation that can suppress family luck. It is a top-level ancient formation that can only be controlled in the legendary holy places of Kunlun and Shushan.”
“The holy land of Kunlun, the top ancient formation that can only be controlled by Shushan.” This vague flattery, which is neither light nor heavy, undoubtedly made the great elder Su Xin transparent inside and out, and the old bones in his body were a little lighter. His greatest desire and thought in this life is to hope that the Blood Soul Clan can one day become the legendary holy land. “Okay, okay. Brother, let’s talk about this invisible and intangible luck later. Let’s talk about some practical issues now.” While speaking, Zhu Yun added the words of the Supervisor Tiansi The director waved back. For some reason, Zhu Yun had a very bad impression of the Supervisory Tiansi department and his attitude towards it was extremely bad.
But this time, the poisonous dragon son Li Zheye and Zhu Yun had a normal attitude.
Chapter 267: Inside and outside the core, take it out
“Compared with the elusive theory of luck, let’s think about how to deal with the increasing number of casual cultivators outside the Blood Ridge. Our family spends a huge amount of spiritual stones every day to drive the Purple Fate Immortal Array. And they are squatting outside and picking up benefits for nothing, grandma.”
While speaking, Li Zhe angrily slapped the stone table in front of him. Although the utilization rate of the spiritual energy of the Purple Fate Immortal Formation was astonishingly high, the huge amount of spiritual stones invested every day reacted on the monks of the Blood Soul Ridge. It can be said that only There is no loss in profit, not to mention that this formation has many additional functions. But even so, the result of letting those Qinling cultivators outside take advantage of their own family in vain still makes Du Longzi very angry. If it weren’t for the fact that the current Blood Soul Ridge is really not suitable for large-scale battles, Li Zhe even spread poison powder and poison He has the intention to kill hundreds of miles around.
/“Third brother, you have the closest relationship with that kid Peng’er. Don’t you think we can’t take back that purple aura that shines for hundreds of miles? Just let that aura shine directly on our Blood Soul Ridge. Why bother to shine for hundreds of miles? It