to move. He appeared in front of Hei Wuchang in an instant and punched out.

Hei Wuchang’s ghost claws immediately burned with black energy and grabbed him, but that ordinary punch directly defeated his ghost claws. Hei Wuchang felt like the anger of a giant dragon.
In an instant, the middle-aged man appeared in front of Fairy Ziwei again and punched out again. Fairy Ziwei swayed and dodged instantly, but the punch still hit Fairy Ziwei as if it had penetrated the space.
The whole action happened in the blink of an eye, and more than ten Dzogchens present were blasted out almost at the same time.
Mo Chen sighed. This is the legendary master of the Dragon Clan. He has disappeared for hundreds of years and has reappeared. Is it by chance or for what reason?
“Dragon Clan!” Hei Wuchang gritted his teeth and said two words. He was extremely horrified. The Dragon Clan and the Demon Clan have not appeared for a long time. They always thought that they had been exterminated or had found a way to ascend. Otherwise, human monks would not dare to act unscrupulously. Entering the dragon’s lair, who would have thought that he would encounter a dragon here.
The Dragon Clan’s move was truly shocking. There were so many people present that no one dared to take action.
The middle-aged man touched the dragon horn of the Golden Dragon King and performed the dragon etiquette: “Go, find your destination, and your noble soul will return to the other side of Dasheng.”
The Golden Dragon King roared, and the huge figure turned into a golden light and rushed into the dragon’s lair. No one else dared to stop the dragon clan. They were the royal family among the giant dragons, and the dragon clan in front of them was obviously from its heyday.
/“The human monks and my dragon clan have returned. Anyone who offends the dragon’s power will be killed without mercy!”
“Let’s all work together to kill him!”
Feeling the murderous aura in the middle-aged man, Hei Wuchang and others took action almost immediately. At this time, the masters of Dzogchen were no longer polite, and they all used their special skills. Suddenly, the earth was shaken, and Hei Wuchang turned into a huge demon. In this state, the huge ghost claws clawed at the middle-aged man.
There was a hint of disdain at the corner of Tu Mu’s mouth, and he punched out. Suddenly, a depression appeared in the sky, and half of Hei Wuchang’s body was swallowed up.
Liu Rufeng’s ten thousand sword lights arrived, but they hit Tu Mu’s body like raindrops.
A dragon roared out, Liu Rufeng’s body suddenly stopped moving, and blood flowed from all his orifices instantly.
The dragon sound fills the brain!
A master of Dzogchen was directly shocked to death.
When the others saw that the situation was not good, they immediately fled in all directions. The smile on Tu Mu’s lips was so cold, and streaks of golden light pierced the sky.
Fairy Ziwei appeared from the void, and her heart was penetrated.
Immediately afterwards, the Dzogchen monks appeared from the void one aft