Alliance be hit to the greatest extent!

Strategies must be used, but if you don’t even have this confidence, the demons are better off staying in the abyss.
/Chi Ying declined to comment, but expressed respect.
“Sister, why are you insisting like this? Are you worried that I won’t fulfill my promise?”
In the inner hall of the Shadow Demon King, Chi Ying still did not give up persuading Hu Jing.
The full blow of Hu Jing Shuguang’s goddess statue is certainly not trivial, but it is a pity that all the abilities of the demons are clearly known to countless masters in the Star Alliance, and Chi Ying’s ability can be restrained.
Although Hu Jing’s face was pale after being cursed, her eyes were still bright.
“Since you keep calling me sister, then I will call you sister shadow. I think the demons like the world of flames. The abyss is a good living environment for you. Why come to the ground? This place is not suitable for you!”
Hu Jing said.
Chi Ying smiled, “We demons used to live on the ground. Although the environment has changed us, it has always been our wish to break out of the abyss. Do you think the demons should stay in the abyss?”
/Two smart women must be ranked high and low.
“As you said, times have changed. Demons and the Star Alliance may not be able to coexist. And I think you are different from ordinary demons. What you ask for is just the right for the demons to survive on the ground, but you are not asking for the right to live on the ground. The Covenant will be destroyed, right?”
Hu Jing said.
Chi Ying shook his head, “I am a demon. I was born with fighting blood, and killing is the demon’s way of survival.”
“I can’t see it. As you said, the demons were once a member of the ground. Any kind of life can be changed. Even if you like to fight, it is not necessary for survival. We exist and coexist.”
“Even if we coexist, we have to prioritize. This is exactly what I want to tell you, cooperate with me. As long as you can convince Wang Meng, you can not only save the Burning Fortress, but also create a space for the coexistence of the demons and the Star Alliance.” condition.”
Chi Ying immediately counterattacked, “The power of the seal is weakening. The Star Alliance cannot stop the destruction of the seal. Stronger monsters have come out of the abyss and are now in front of the Burning Fortress. I don’t know how long your so-called temple spirit can resist. Now there is only You can save them.”
Hu Jing smiled, “If people are not afraid of death, why should they be afraid of death? You underestimate the Holy Church. You underestimate Wang Meng too.”
“How could it be possible? If you underestimate Wang Meng, you won’t put up such a big fight. Do you think Wang Meng will come? I think he will definitely come.”
Chi Ying’s words made Hu Jing helpless, because she knew that as long as the news spread, whether it was true or false, Wang Meng would never ignore it.
This is also the brilliance of Chi Ying. What she wants to do is to create a strong impression in Hu Jing’s heart to gradually brea