in the temple ceremony, the Ten Thousand Demons Cult naturally prepared steps to cause trouble. Not only that, they also had plans to cause trouble in the temple, but now all these plans were nipped in the bud.

Think about the big shots on the Holy Mountain, how many of them will die?
/The Five Elements Divine Dragon presented the Dragon Pearl. This was the finishing touch, pushing the reputation of the Holy Temple to a peak. At least it was unique in the Four Small Thousand Worlds. Practitioners naturally had to obey the destiny, and now the Holy Temple represented the destiny.
The Dragon Ball cast a layer of dragon energy over the entire Holy Mountain, and various legends spread like wildfire.
The guests and hosts enjoyed themselves, and Wang Meng’s “holy statue” became a hot topic among young people in the Star Alliance.
Due to the appearance of the giant dragon, I didn’t pay too much attention to it. It was certain that the icon of the dragon, Lin Jinghao of the Wuhuan Demon Sect, had the body of the Nine Lights Blue Dragon. Anyone involved with the dragon would not be too weak.
Although I don’t know what kind of ability it is, and I haven’t verified its strength, it is at least worthy of its name.
As for other rumors, there are different opinions.
After this ceremony, the atmosphere of the entire church has changed. It has become a foregone conclusion that the younger generation will be in power. Under Wang Meng’s prestige, it is a bit ignorant to engage in confrontation. What’s more important is that Lei Lei and others support Wang Meng. Yes, from the perspective of the Holy Church, following Wang Meng will obviously lead to broader development.
Regarding Yang Yingtian’s intentions, Wang Meng did not immediately express his position, but with Yang Ying’s relationship, he would not refuse. However, some things are not just words, but should be decided based on Yang Jiabao’s actual actions.
Wang Meng is not a young boy, and he will be believed after just a few words.
/Four hundred and forty-eight origin evolution
Yang Yingtian also understands this. At least the basic purpose of coming to the temple has been achieved. It can be seen that Wang Meng has no hatred for Yang Jiabao. A small-minded person cannot achieve great things.
Regarding the Zhao family, Wang Meng has no intention of changing at once. The Zhao family is a smart person and is also part of the church. They know what to do, as long as Wang Meng shows enough strength.
As soon as the ceremony ended, Wang Meng, Zhao Xinglun and others went to the killing space. The auction of the Tongxian Chamber of Commerce was also the highlight of Wang Meng’s follow-up plan.
Zhao Xinglun and Zhao Tianlong are both smart people. Under this situation, they can no longer regard Wang Meng as a young boy. They also understand that Wang Meng has the confidence to adjust his role and mentality. It is not a problem for them, let alone contact Wang Meng. After such a long time, they also know Wang Meng’s character very well, so they don’t have to worry about