ut for Zhan Ming.

Zhan Ming has met his nemesis. To be precise, Zhang Xiaojiang is the real arch nemesis. This is his real talent.
Just like what impressed Wan Jing when he first entered the temple, it was Zhang Xiaojiang’s eyes.
Eyes of truth!
Zhang Xiaojiang’s biggest gain after entering Xiao Yuan is not the Exploding Bow, but the Eye of Truth. ,.
Four hundred and seventy-six Mu En with a wooden sword
The Eye of Truth not only sees through, but after seeing through, his body speed will instantly adjust to the same frequency as the attack.
Bow repair has no solution!
Zhan Ming’s Jiuxiao Crossing Arrow was used again.
/Exactly the same result.
No one could see the arrow clearly, and it was impossible to dodge it, but it failed again.
An arrow shot into the sky, and a shocking final sound came from the sky after half a blast. What a terrifying and astonishing arrow.
Zhan Ming noticed Zhang Xiaojiang’s eyes, the bright silver.
Dedicated to bow cultivation in the Jiuling Sect, it is said that only the strongest among the bow cultivators can cultivate the Eye of Truth.
Once in a century
“The Eye of Truth”
Zhang Xiaojiang didn’t say anything. Against such an opponent, he felt that he was a little defeated.
Zhan Ming looked at the sky and let out a long sigh. This sigh was filled with too much unwillingness and loneliness.
He was training in the direction of becoming the number one archer in the Star Alliance. His master told him that with his hard work and talent, it was very possible to become the number one archer in the Star Alliance as his Yuan Li increased, but Among bow cultivators, there is a kind of eternal nemesis.
The Eye of Truth, no matter how hard you try or how far you practice, you can’t fight against the Eye of Truth.
Because its ability has nothing to do with strength, it is its nemesis.
Eye of truth? ? ?
Does this fat man have the legendary Eye of Truth? ? ?
The most heaven-defying ability among bow cultivators? ? ?
This wretched fat man!
Shan Lin announced the result, and his voice was filled with emotion. He knew Zhan Ming very well. Although he was not well-known and low-key, he was a truly powerful group.
The result is bitter.
What kind of place is this?
I thought he was just an ordinary fat guy. It is relatively weak in the church. In the blink of an eye, he turned into the bow cultivator’s nemesis.
Zhang Xiaojiang didn’t have any carnival after the victory. He valued this opponent very much and even said. The other party made him feel guilty. Maybe one day, it would be respectful to defeat the other party without the eyes of truth.
Zhang Xiaojiang silently returned to the camp of the Holy Church. There was a slight wry smile at the corner of his mouth.
Wang Meng and the others could understand what Zhang Xiaojiang felt.
But the other monks didn’t understand. They just thought that such a fat man was extremely handsome. After a brief period of calm, the cheers were deafening.
The battle will still continue, with batch after batch of monks appearing. This is the