formed a force in the Hundred Thousand Miles of Vast Sea. Daxia tried their best to pursue and suppress them several times, but there was no official result. They had to admit that the Hundred Thousand Miles of Vast Sea were these three. man’s sphere of influence.”

Not all taboo forces are unknown to everyone. Although the three ancient antiques imprisoned for thousands of years have not emerged for hundreds of years, in the vast sea of ??100,000 miles, throughout the Great Xia, the name of the Three Tripods has not faded much with the passage of time. .
“The Hundred Thousand Li Vast Sea is rich in True Essence Beasts. Compared with the Liang family’s strength, the True Essence Beasts are no different. The only difference is the special secret method of fighting with the True Essence Beasts.”
Wang Meng smiled slightly. At this moment, Yuan Hao came over from outside again and brought back a new situation.
“The Ji family defeated the Taboo Group and entered the top eight.”
The God of Beauty once again showed off his power, sweeping all the opponents unreasonably. At this time, he saw the old horse walking back from a distance with such vigor and vigor that people wanted to slap him. Wang Meng smiled and said, Looking at this situation, Lao Ma has already succeeded.
Apart from the Holy Church, the first one to break the taboo group’s invincible image was the Ji family.
The heaven and earth shook, and dark clouds gathered in the sky. Thunder disaster!
“It’s the Xiao family of the Great Xia royal family!”
“The Xiao family’s nine-turn golden dragon is at war with the Huangqian Taboo Group.”
/The Xiao family of the Great Xia royal family no longer hides their strength. The Nine-turn Golden Dragon exploded with all its strength and advanced to the next level. All this time, the Nine-turn Golden Dragon has been suppressing the last half step. At this time, it finally no longer suppresses it and has the strongest strength. The outbreak actually caused a promotion thunder disaster!
The Huangqian group was defeated. At this moment, the momentum of the Nine-turn Golden Huan suddenly shrank, and the thunder clouds in the sky flashed a few golden thunder and lightning, but they shrank back unwillingly.
Is there anything that can be played like this? The Xiao family’s nine-turn golden jade is purely playing with the heavenly tribulations. This is obviously not something that an ordinary true essence beast can do. For true essence beasts, the heavenly tribulations can only be endured passively and cannot be chosen. Whether he wants to overcome the calamity or not, the word calamity itself has the meaning of suddenness, but Jin Yuan can obviously choose.
How strong is this? Nothing can be said clearly!
/It seems that the true essence beasts of the Xiao family in Daxia are not inferior to the Liang family, and may even be stronger. This is just the golden beast, and there is also a nine-turn fire tiger that has not shown its power. When testing the formation, the performance He was also very lazy, but des