ng in his hands.

“The other four come together.”
Di Long said calmly, these four are actually far behind the monkeys. This is also the final agreement with the Liang family. After defeating the Holy Temple, he will be free.
“Our fight is not over.”
Intermittent sounds came from the ground.
People were looking for the target, and they suddenly discovered that it was the golden-horned ape on the ground.
Damn it, the Golden Horned Ape also spoke, although what he said was not very standard.
But what happened to the True Essence Beasts these days?
The golden horned ape only has the fallen old horse in its eyes. Although the four little guys are lively, it is impossible to consider it after all. It can learn a lot from Wang Meng. Wang Meng is its god, but the old horse is its real mentor.
During that period when the other four were making rapid progress, the big man’s inferiority surged from the bottom of his heart. He was the weakest and most useless. At that time, it was Lao Ma who gave him the confidence, although the method was very special.
But for a lonely golden-horned ape, that is the real master.
And because of its incompetence and ignorance, all this happened.
A shrill wail and a chilling aura gathered in the whole place, followed by this aura that became riotous, and the five elements of heaven and earth had a chaotic aura.
The big man opened his mouth, his fangs turned into red, and his eyes turned into blood red.
The fighting spirit is like a tornado soaring into the sky. This true energy does not come from the world, but comes from the soul of the Golden Horned Ape.
The Xiongba Qiankun Stick returned to the big man’s hand, and in an instant, countless lightning bolts shot out of the sky.
A lightning array formed around the big man.
It wants revenge!
The beard and hair stand upright, like steel needles.
/If a man stands in his way, he will be killed; if he stands in the way of a god, he will kill a god!
With the rumble of the fighting spirit rising into the sky, thunderclouds formed one after another.
Thunder tribulation is coming.
And it’s a great catastrophe!
Wang Meng and Ma Tian’er both looked at the Heavenly Tribulation quietly. This was the scale of the Zhongqian Realm.
Although the rebellious spirit in the big man was not as strong as Wang Meng’s, it was still enough to cause a catastrophe.
Dilong’s pupils shrank, but he was Dilong, and the dragon’s pride did not allow him to do anything.
Although he knew that after this catastrophe, a terrible monster might be born.
Rumble, rumble, rumble
Thunder tribulations struck the big man one after another, intending to turn him into ashes.
/(The two guaranteed updates have been completed, and the Temple game server has been launched. I am in the Yuling Valley, what are you waiting for, come and fight!)
Eight hundred and twenty-nine, the Third Temple of the Heaven-Defying Divine Ape
The thunder calamity never stopped, hitting the big man endlessly, and the power of heaven and earth restricted the big man’s movements