characteristics, then It’s the variability of the talismans and the variety of formations, but the premise is that you can have the opportunity to release it and hit the target.”

Zhao Ya said that what she talked about today was the essence of fighting. The skills she usually practiced were just scattered moves and had no spirit.
“Simple moves, after precise layout, will form powerful damage. What I want to give you is the hundred-talisman butterfly flow talisman cultivation method of the temple. Have you seen the footprints I left on the ground? What’s next? In a few days, I want you to completely master it and maintain a consistent and stable pace no matter what kind of attack you are under. As long as you persist, you will definitely get a good opportunity to release a sure-kill combination!”
Hu Jing closed her eyes and concentrated, Zhao Yagang’s attack steps appeared over and over again in her mind.
Zhou Qian, Ma Tianer and Liu Mei stared at the footprints on the ground, recalling while watching.
This is talent. If you have good talent, the image will appear directly in your mind, so it will be much more essential to understand.
Zhao Ya smiled slightly and did not disturb them. She put the rhythm first and then the formation. However, in the competition, there was little chance that the formation could be used.
Zhao Tianlong has restarted the Lei Guangtang plan, but Zhao Ya really wants to help these disciples. In fact, the Zhao family is also part of the Holy Church anyway, and Zhao Ya, as the elder of the Lei Guangtang, also has her own plans. As a female cultivator, although she does not have many ambitions to dominate, she still hopes to teach a few good disciples.
It’s a pity that Xu Huang is not here, otherwise Wang Meng could really be trained. Now Zhao Ya has to admire Xu Huang’s vision. Although Xu Huang has gone to a distant secret realm to explore, Wang Meng, this kid, can definitely give him a fight.
Zhao Ya could see that the disciples were very serious, and their struggles during this period gave them hope, but Zhao Ya was very aware of the strength of other branches, and all she could do now was to help them improve as much as possible.
In Hengshan Hall, Tang Wei stood in the middle. In an instant, more than a dozen disciples around him came with various weapons and took turns to chop at Tang Wei’s body.
If you want to be ruthless to your enemy, you must be ruthless to yourself first!
“Shentu, use all your strength!” Tang Wei shouted.
“Yes, boss!”
Shentu’s battle ax slashed hard. Tang Wei folded his hands and resisted Shentu’s attack. While receiving a heavy blow from Shentu, other people’s weapons also hit Tang Wei.
The disciples of Hengshan Hall outside the court watched in complete silence. Physical training is good at defense, but when suffering a heavy blow, other places around him will be vulnerable. And after Tang Wei received Shentu’s attack and suffered such an attack again, he could see that All the body cultivators were also covered in hair.
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