e energy flowing and being born in his body.

This was when a smile appeared on Lu Zhengbin’s face. Obviously, he saw the problem and said: “Hidden Veins, the Shengsheng Good Fortune Pill creates not superficial veins, but directly generates true essence hidden veins in his body to form a special physique. .”
/The head of the Mo family swayed, and in a daze, there seemed to be some buzzing in the ears, hidden pulse?
At this time, the heads of the major forces were all looking towards Sun Cheng’s hidden veins to see the surging true energy that was rushing through the hidden veins. This true energy could indeed be possessed by those at the pinnacle of the Earth Wheel Realm.
“Not only does nature change your physique, but it also directly generates a special physique.”
At this time, everyone was silent.
If Elder Ye Tong’s Good Fortune Rebirth Pill poked a hole in the sky, then Zhou Qian’s Good Fortune Pill
That is to usurp the integrity of heaven. The genius of the Nima family has to work hard for more than ten years to reach the peak of the Earth Wheel Realm. Not to mention that a single pill of yours can make a mortal reach this realm, and he has a special physique! How does this make those geniuses feel so embarrassed?
Zhou Qian smiled and said, “One Earth Wheel Realm compares to nine ** Realm, do I lose?”
One good fortune rebirth pill can create a person at the peak of the ** realm. Elder Ye Tong refined nine of them in one furnace, that is, nine ** realms.
However, even a hundred peaks of the ** realm cannot be compared with a monk who is at the peak of the Earth Wheel Realm and has a special physique with hidden veins.
This is indisputable.
Another miracle occurred in the Holy Church, and the Three Congresses were defeated again.
At this moment, Ye Tong’s face twitched
I guarantee with my head that I will definitely win the alchemy battle and safeguard the majesty of the Three Immortals.
In front of the three immortals, Ye Tong vowed to use human nature as a guarantee.
No, never admit your failure.
“It’s not over yet! It’s only half, yes, half!”
Suddenly, Ye Tong shouted.
“When it comes to alchemy battles, alchemy is only half of it. There is also the alchemy method. Alchemy is just an appetizer. Now is the real deal. Let’s test the alchemy method!”
Lu Zhengbin said sternly, “Elder Ye, this is an alchemy battle, and the competition is of course about alchemy.”
Since it is up to him to decide the outcome, he will tell the truth to the end.
“This is just your misunderstanding. The name is actually a battle of alchemy. Alchemy is the first step. Brother Lu can only enter the second step if he has learned more than 100 alchemy methods. The method of alchemy and alchemy will determine the final victory.” burden.”
Ye Tong has completely lost his face and acted like a rogue. The Three Great Wars were originally hatched by the leaders of the three conferences. Naturally, they have the final say on how to explain it. If someone wants to be a rogue, there is nothing you can do about it.
All the ma