t of the road to hell.

The Dragon Chanting Moon Icon that Wang Meng had just displayed was also shrouded in the Road to Underworld.
This is complete order!
The most important thing is that the powerful true energy resonated by the five in one can really kill any monk present in an instant.
The other four dead groups became Guang Ling’s background, and their power was fully provided to Guang Ling. This combination was unprecedented.
From a certain perspective, these four people are like clones of Guang Ling.
It’s just that the power of five people’s practice is provided to one person.
This is an invincible technique!
The number one evil sect in the world of cultivation truly deserves its reputation.
/All the monks were overwhelmed by Guangling’s god-like power, including the taboo group who couldn’t help but frown.
This is a bit shameless, and they actually caught them in a way that, to be precise, only the Dead Man Group can do.
Guang Ling took a picture, and the ferocious true energy no longer required any skills to make him invincible.
Wang Meng’s body disappeared in an instant, and there was an explosion behind him. The defensive formation shattered like pieces of paper, and a corner of the first dojo was blown to pieces.
All the hundreds of monks in charge of the defensive formation fell to the ground, unconscious.
This was just a random move by Guang Ling, with no rules at all.
This is the gathering of the power of five top monks.
When the power reaches a certain level, it will also undergo qualitative changes. In a world of order, there are limits. If something exceeds the limit, the laws will be destroyed.
With Wang Meng’s true energy, which is only in the realm of gods, he would definitely be easily torn into pieces in the face of this kind of power.
All the fancy spells and techniques are just nonsense!
This is the most essential gap.
Does space magic work?
Guangling’s hand slid in the air, manipulating the space like a god, but every time it slid, the surging power of death enveloped Xiang Meng like a net.
Wang Meng resisted, but he didn’t resist. With the little bit of real energy he had, he would die if he went up.
This absolute power gap basically made everyone despair except for the church members.
I thought that the talents of the two major laws were both capable of fighting, but now it seems that there is no room for them to be used.
This kind of confrontation is beyond what most people can bear.
Facing the power of death that could no longer be avoided, the giant dragon behind Wang Meng suddenly circled in front of Wang Meng. With a wave of Wang Meng’s hand, the giant dragon roared and fiercely killed the group of dead people.
The monks no longer knew what to say. Is this still an icon?
The icon is an auxiliary force, how can it be attacked directly? ? ?
Like a spell?
In fact, only a very few people know that fate is the only one, and Wang Meng knows even better that in the universe, there is no need for fate marks and wheels, only fate, and fate represents everything.