rd. The female disciples of Feifengtang are of high quality and not weak in strength, but they cannot risk their lives like the male cultivators. They are desperate. Like Zhou Qian and others, they are really in danger. , but can do anything.

You have to be willing to give in, but the disciples of Fei Feng Hall can’t. It’s not their fault. The only female cultivator in Elite Hall is loved by thousands of people. Their hearts are very high, but they don’t have such high requirements in their bones. But Lei Guangtang is different. They have come here with a complete struggle. They dare to pull down the emperor even though they have only one person and no one.
Everyone’s eyes are focused on Feifengtang. Can Yang Ying still sit still at this time?
One hundred and ninety-nine power and beauty
/The problem is that the senior sister of Feifeng Hall can really sit still. Shu Rou is sent in the fourth game, but Wang Meng from Lei Guangtang does not play, and Ma Tianer plays.
Shu Rou didn’t give Ma Tian’er a chance to use Lingrong **. Gong Xiu defeated Ma Tian’er completely. Ma Tianer, who couldn’t use Lingrong **, was quickly defeated. Feifengtang saved the game.
The last match came as scheduled, Yang Ying faced off against Wang Meng. This was the match everyone had been waiting for.
/“The two sides fought really well and it was very honorable.”
“Damn, what’s the relationship? Of course it’s you and me, we’re two families.”
After all, there were a lot of sharp-eyed people present. Although the two sides fought lively and the score was 2 to 2, but if you really think about the previous games, Feifengtang did not fight with his life, and similarly, Lei Guangtang There was no desperate effort. Compared to the tit-for-tat battles in the previous battle, this battle was more of a discussion.
But in the end, the key battle that decided the outcome was left to Yang Ying and Wang Meng, which was still fair.
Yang Ying did not make an appointment with Wang Meng, but there were some things that did not need to be explained. Yang Ying let Shu Rou go because she knew that Wang Meng would never do it himself.
She hoped that the final victory would be between her and Wang Meng. She had been looking forward to this day. Standing on the fighting stage, Yang Ying felt like she was in a dream. Wang Meng had actually come here. What made her happiest She witnessed Wang Meng enter the 20th level of Yuanli with her own eyes, because a Wang Meng who had not reached the 20th level was no match for her. Even if he was a genius, no matter how perfect his fighting sense and insight were, it would be in vain.
Yuanli is the foundation.
As for Tang Zhan, not only will she not hold back her strength, she will also use her full strength!
She wanted to see Wang Meng’s full strength. Over the years, Wang Meng was the first man to enter her heart. She wanted to know whether this man was as good as she thought.
Yang Ying stood tall and attracted the attention of everyone. Both men and women were attracted by her serious expression. A concentrated