ndoning the past, the first thing to do is to choose a Kung Fu that suits you, the Five Elements Kung Fu. Then choose a suitable attack spell, and how to improve your performance. It’s up to you to decide on your own talent, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Shanlin gave everyone a good impression, very gentle and easy to talk to. The most important thing is that Shanlin is responsible for swordsmanship. The swordsmen here account for a large proportion. The swordsmanship is used to improve the level of Yuanli. In fact, basically everyone who comes here has their own unique skills and has been practicing for many years. Very few are willing to change. For them, the combat spells here are more tempting. ”
But Wang Meng was very interested. The Hinayana Five Elements Technique that he had realized was a patchwork of the five basic Five Elements Techniques from the Holy Church. Frankly speaking, after reaching the twentieth floor, it was a bit stretched, and here it seemed that the Five Elements Techniques There is a deeper study of the Dharma, and students are encouraged to choose the Five Elements Kung Fu. This vision alone is much higher than that of other sects.
It seems like there is just an additional understanding of one’s own attributes, but it is actually a cognitive gap.
Wang Meng became more and more interested in this place.
As soon as Shan Lin left, the students immediately gathered in small groups, all familiar people gathered together. Tang Wei dragged his injured leg away. Perhaps to him, strangers were more lovable than the disciples of the temple.
/“What are you going to do? Are you really going to change the technique?” Akito hesitated, “I’m afraid I can’t change it.”
Li Tianyi shrugged, “It doesn’t matter, let’s wait until we see it.”
Li Tianyi is truly bold. His boldness is not that of an ordinary man, but that he is fearless and dares to challenge.
“I just want to see something, Junior Sister Ma, what do you say?”
Wang Meng could feel that Ma Tianer was deliberately avoiding him, so he could only keep an appropriate distance.
The three of them are a little worried about Ma Tian’er. This place is really not suitable for him. Ma Tian’er’s character does not like fighting and is truly kind. And frankly speaking, she is not strong enough. She relies on Xiao Huan Dan to enter. It’s the twentieth floor, but it’s really useless in a place where the Patriarch is running all over the streets.
Although I haven’t really come into contact with the spells of the Cultivation Academy, I think that what I have seen and learned here is definitely not bad.
“Don’t worry about it. No one’s opinion is useful on this matter, and the ancestors will not give us advice, so everyone makes their own decision. If you insist on taking a reference, please refer to the academy’s rules. This is at least 90% credible. .”
Ning Zhiyuan said that everyone didn’t have a good impression of Ning Zhiyuan before, but now that he is here, he really feels like a senior brother. At least he is willing to take on many things.