u seriously. If Tang Wei was not here, they might not be able to get rid of him.

“Yes, Senior Brother, here is the information we have collected from these three competitions and other channels. The first one we want to introduce is Hu Jing. This woman’s specialty is a very powerful mixed fire and water talisman.”
It’s hard to believe that a big man like Shentu could explain things in such detail.
/Perhaps due to Tang Wei’s prestige, the other three listened patiently.
Tang Wei looked at the three of them, “What do you think?”
Gang Lian breathed a sigh of relief, “Senior Brother, it sounds like the little guy named Wang Meng is interesting. Unfortunately, he is also a skill type. If he encounters us, it will be a dead end. It can only be said that he is too weak.”
Huang Feng smiled slightly, “Senior Brother, they have their own characteristics, but their shortcomings are too obvious. They pose no threat to our combat faction. That little fat guy is interesting. I hope he can meet me.”
Shen Tu felt a little depressed, but he had to be convinced. The Earth Escape Technique was really a headache, and even the Fu Zhen Bow couldn’t catch it, but Huang Feng had a way. If Zhang Xiaojiang ran into Huang Feng, he would be like a mouse. cat.
“Lao Guo, what do you say?”
Guo Rongjin still has quite a status in Hengshan Hall and is also a veteran. If he hadn’t been interested in becoming a senior brother, he might not have had Tang Wei’s turn.
Guo Rongjin smiled, “No matter who can get to this point, we can’t take it lightly. However, their advantages and disadvantages are indeed obvious.”
Although Guo Rongjin and Wang Meng are friends, they must distinguish between public and private in the competition, and to be honest, he is very eager to fight Wang Meng. During this time in Huoyun Cave, all the disciples who came and went talked about Lei Guangtang Wang Meng, this man is so amazing.
Guo Rongjin admired Wang Meng’s intelligence in identifying minerals, but he didn’t expect Wang Meng to be so good in other aspects.
In the history of the Holy Church, disciples who have made achievements in the side sect are relatively poor in combat. He is an exception, but he integrates mining and cultivation and practices in his own way. Mining is not the focus. , gain stronger strength when hitting the mine hard, and can be focused and perseverant in the dark. This is also his self-forced practice method.
Frankly speaking, practicing is a scam. What makes people uncomfortable is not that it is dangerous, but that it is boring.
The higher you go, the more this is true, so many people have to use other methods to distract their energy, otherwise it is not certain whether they will become masters, and they will definitely go crazy.
“At present, to deal with Hu Jing, just don’t give her a chance to use the ice and fire talisman. Zhang Xiaojiang, earth escape is a good game, but the frequency is not of much use to us. Ma Tian’er just thinks that she can use the spirit Rong**, it’s a pity that the red roar does not pose a threat to