d person wouldn’t have the guts to challenge her alone. She would be afraid to do double cultivation tonight, so she had no choice but to do double cultivation.

“Sit tight, that person is you. Don’t think that because you look the same, I don’t know who you are!”
In the quiet room, the five little foxes were sitting in rows. She Zhang was leaning against the wall in disinterest. Fortunately, she had chosen a beautiful dress and wore it under it. Now it seemed that her busy work was in vain.
No, I can’t give up. I need to work harder, take down the dead man as soon as possible, and kick the senior sister out.
“Sister She, what are you doing standing there? I have a very sophisticated method of breathing. Come and learn together.”
When the camera turned, Zhu Qilan looked solemn and cautiously came behind Lu Bei.
Lu Bei took back his hands that were attached to Zhu Baiyu’s back, wiped away the non-existent sweat on his forehead, and said solemnly: “Sister Yu, this method of exhaling and breathing is very precious. It has the mysteries of direct access to heaven and man. You are so good at cultivating it.” Practice, well, you don’t have to practice it deliberately, just remember to breathe normally every day.”
Butler Yu sat cross-legged on the futon, nodded when he heard the words, and started to run the exercises to familiarize himself with the new breathing method as soon as possible.
“Lu Bei.”
Hearing the sound of mosquitoes behind him, Lu Bei turned his head in surprise: “Hey, cousin, when did you come? Didn’t you just leave?”
Like She Zhang, Zhu Qilan was disdainful when Lu Bei taught him the art of breathing. She knew the technique by heart even during the foundation building period. What use could she learn after learning it? Bai Yu/Little Fox was stupid and willing to do it. It’s his fault, be deceived by him.
Then I regretted it. After learning that the innate breathing method leads directly to the path of immortality, and that there is unlimited possibility of becoming an immortal in the physical body, I had to admit my mistake and let Lu Bei give him another chance.
“You want to learn?”
Lu Bei chuckled: “What were you doing earlier? Where was your arrogance just now? Cousin, I still like your unruly look. Now this tsk tsk, I thought it was my cousin!”
/Zhu Qilan glared at Lu Bei fiercely and asked him to quickly explain the method again.
Lu Bei didn’t panic at all, and pointed at his face: “Let me express it, you don’t want it for free, now Lu is charging.”
Zhu Qilan snorted coldly and kissed Lu Bei on the face.
/Suddenly, a big hand clasped her slender waist, and Zhu Qilan was involuntarily brought into Lu Bei’s arms. Under the sneak attack, her red lips were lost. When she realized it with a slight trembling of eyelashes, she was already pressed against the wall.
“Don’t be like this, Bai Yu is peeking.”
“It doesn’t matter, after I finish taking care of you, I’ll teach her a lesson.”
After all the affectionate talk, Lu Bei taught him the breathing technique step by step, and asked