tain Chester said as he retreated to the twelve elite armors. Behind the soldier.

“It seems that Captain Chester knows something, which makes me feel relieved!” David said with a smile.
“Don’t force yourself to be calm. Your exoskeleton armor is in my hands. You should just let it go. I won’t make you too uncomfortable!” Captain Chester said with a sneer.
“Captain Chester, you probably think your acting is very successful. You have to know that for the ‘Weapons Master’, any assassination is useless, just like the glass of water you gave me in the cockpit. You know why I Didn’t you drink?” David smiled and shook his head.
/Captain Chester had heard that the ‘Weapons Master’ had an instinctive reaction to assassination, but he scorned it. How could anyone prevent an assassination?
But after hearing what David said, his expression changed.
“You knew that the glass of water was poisoned, why did you let me take the exoskeleton armor?” Captain Chester grabbed the exoskeleton armor loading box in his hand, fearing that the loading box in his hand was fake, he asked in confusion.
“Because I want to know more. Sure enough, you said so much yourself, letting me know that you are an insider who knows the mastermind behind it. In this way, I can kill all the others and only keep you. !” David said with a toothy smile.
His white teeth shone with a cold light, and as he smiled, the temperature in the entire room seemed to drop.
“Kill him!” Captain Chester almost screamed.
Twelve elite soldiers were divided into two groups. They cooperated with each other to surround David, and the door suddenly closed behind David.
In an instant, David was blocked on the spot, with no way out.
David grabbed his hand behind his back, and a third-level heavy ax appeared in his right hand. He still had a smile on his face.
To be honest, after three months of fighting as a fighting star, his combat prowess has long surpassed the level of a soldier.
Even if he doesn’t wear armor, his strength is not comparable to that of these elite soldiers.
Maybe David is not as strong as these elite soldiers wearing exoskeleton armor, but his skills are so many levels higher than these elite soldiers that he can completely make up for the gap in this regard.
When the twelve elite soldiers in two groups saw the third-level heavy axe, they couldn’t help but be slightly startled. They all complained in their hearts that Captain Chester didn’t put away David’s weapons at the same time.
However, they were still confident that they could kill David. Twelve fully armed elite soldiers could no longer kill David when faced with the ‘sniper master’ who was not wearing armor and was being approached. The name of elite is in vain.
David didn’t put too much pressure on himself. He activated his ‘Ultimate Speed’, which allowed his speed to keep up with these elite soldiers wearing exoskeleton armor.
For David, who was holding a third-level heavy axe, these armored soldiers were full of weaknesses, so he didn’t even activate the ‘Spirit-Destroying Heavy Ax Tec