s that have only appeared in the past one or two hundred years, including the “Aurora Society”, “Iron Blood Society”, “Elemental Dawn”, and the “Psychological Alchemy Society” that Klein first heard of.

In addition, there are some fragmentary organizations that have not done anything major.
“Benson and Melissa certainly can’t imagine how dangerous this world is, not just war.” Klein shook his head and smiled, neatly stacking the confidential information and pushing it to Old Neil.
At the same time, he silently added in his heart:
My Tarot club must not be “on the list”
Old Neil didn’t even expect that the leader of a secret organization was sitting across from him. He smiled and took the information and headed to Chanis Gate.
/Klein sat there, thinking about whether he should divine the whereabouts of the “instigator” Tris, but after only thinking about it for more than ten seconds, he gave up the plan. After all, he only knew the general appearance of the other party and who he was. Fake name. If you can use this to know your whereabouts, you won’t be called a “divineer” but a “prophet”.
When Old Neil returned, Klein gathered his thoughts and continued his occult courses to master more “formats” of ritual magic.
He spent this day studying and practicing and did not participate in the joint operation to hunt down the “instigator” Tris. He only heard that the departure of the sealed artifact “2049” from Backlund would be delayed due to some special factors. The details are to be determined. .
Because he earned nearly 2 soli from divination yesterday, on his way home, Klein spent 10 pence to buy a 2-liter barrel of Enmat beer for Benson and brought freshly baked lemon cake to Melissa.
“Klein, I know how much you value us, but there is really no need. There is no need to always spend money on these things.” Benson looked at the small wooden barrel containing beer and considered his words.
Melissa stood nearby, nodding silently and frequently.
/This is probably the difference in our consumption habits. Klein sighed in amusement:
“Benson, Melissa, don’t worry, I bought this with the extra subsidy. Well, I can get about 2 to 4 sulers per week.”
I can’t tell you, this is my income from helping people with divination, he added in his heart.
“Your job is much better than I expected.” Benson was stunned for a moment and commented pertinently.
Yes, you can even learn divination. Klein said silently, turned around and walked towards the kitchen.
With the full cooperation of the three brothers and sisters, sumptuous dinners were prepared one by one.
After eating and drinking, Klein, Benson and Melissa just collapsed in the living room. It took a while before they got up to clean up, chat and study.
After Benson and Melissa fell asleep, I went above the gray fog to see the effect of the ceremony. While reviewing the history books, Klein glanced at his brother and sister respectively.
West District, Lower Iron Cross Street.
A three-story apartment is immersed in darkness, with no street lights or extra light.