dodged several attacks from Mark Knight. This was his last struggle.

As a lilac sword light swept across, the blade master’s head flew up, spinning in the air and landed on the ground, right next to the head of Maynard Sky Knight who fell on the ground. The blade master’s eyes, which were not closed, were exactly opposite to Menard’s. The De Sky Knight’s eyes met.
Maynard Sky Knight witnessed the entire process of the battle just now. After seeing David’s victory and killing the blade master, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.
He knew who the young man with the wings behind him was. He had seen him at the Maine family’s drinking party. It was the target of his trap this time, and it was also Baron Arthur who had caused the entire Barry family to be wiped out.
Maynard Sky Knight is full of hatred for Baron Arthur, but he doesn’t want to fall into the hands of the Blade Master.
Death is not the most terrifying thing. The most terrifying thing is that after death, the soul will be controlled by the evil god and become the plaything of the evil god.
Maynard Sky Knight believed that falling into the hands of David would mean death at most. Anyway, he knew that death was inevitable, and it would be fine as long as the soul was not sacrificed to the evil god.
“Give me a happy death!” Maynard Sky Knight shouted.
He did not beg for mercy at this time, because there was no need. He set up a trap to deal with David. David killed the entire Barry family. The hatred between each other was so deep that there was no possibility of reconciliation. It could only end with the death of one party.
“Okay!” David said solemnly.
He casually took out a third-grade dagger from the space ring, came to Maynard Sky Knight, and pierced the third-grade dagger into the heart of Maynard Sky Knight.
/There was a smile of relief on Maynard Sky Knight’s face, but he didn’t know that David was not much better than the evil god. Maynard Sky Knight’s soul was eventually absorbed by Shadow Warrior and did not return to the divine world. origin.
Including the blade master’s soul was also absorbed by the Shadow Warrior. David put the body of Maynard Sky Knight into the space ring, and also collected the blade master’s space ring and the altar on the ground.
Then David entered Shadow Warrior’s body with a trace of his mind. Shadow Warrior passed through the door of the training room and observed the scene outside the door.
To David’s surprise, the Sky Knight killer was falling to the ground at this time, almost losing his breath.
/I originally thought that it would take a battle to deal with the last Sky Knight Killer, but I didn’t expect that it would go so smoothly. The last Sky Knight Killer fell without any need to deal with it.
David understood this situation after thinking about it.
The reason why the two Sky Knight killers are under the control of the Blade Master is probably because they have signed some kind of strict contract since they were children.
Judging from the situation where the Sky Knight Killer fell to the gr