n think of this possibility quickly.

n think of this possibility quickly.
/However, no one believes that Li Yongsheng can really do it. Otherwise, this method should have been verified by others.
In fact, there are still such cases, but they all happen by chance and there is no possibility of repeated operations. Therefore, it is not an effective and controllable medical method.
Can Li Yongsheng really do it? Everyone is really curious.
Gao Zhenren’s thoughts are the most typical. He guessed Li Yongsheng’s intention relatively early, but he didn’t believe it, so he asked Scholar Huyan to see if he was thinking too much.
He got a positive answer from Huyan Scholar, but he also found that the scholar’s admission certificate was not very confident about this.
So while waiting, he suddenly felt that his expectations were a bit ridiculous: How could this be possible?
After waiting for a while, he got lucky again. No one could do it. It didn’t mean that Li Yongsheng couldn’t do it. Otherwise, why would he be called a master?
Unknowingly, under the influence of such worries about gains and losses, he developed an extremely contradictory mentality, and even became a little unable to control himself. What kind of torture this was.
Zhu Zhu’s thoughts were different. What he was thinking was that even if Master Li could do what no one else could and could use Wu Zhen’s vision to help others heal their injuries, to what extent could he do it? ?
You must know that Li Yongsheng is just a cultivator who is about to realize his true nature. Even if his body is slightly injured, he will not need much healing. It is completely impossible to supply enough energy to repair the serious injuries of a high-level cultivator.
And there are four such high-level cultivations in the Spirit Gathering Array!
That’s not counting the other three real people in need of healing.
Thinking of this huge contradiction between supply and demand, Zhu Zhu thought that if he and Li Yongsheng swapped places, I’m afraid he would feel full of powerlessness, right?
He somewhat understood why Li Yongsheng wanted to limit the number of people. This was just a big trap.
Of course, not all of them can be repaired, but treating some of the injuries will be beneficial to the seven real people.
As we all know, when you cross the threshold of seeing the truth and realizing the truth, the feedback you get from heaven is very consistent with the body and consciousness, and there will be no discomfort. This is probably the most satisfying aspect of the accelerated treatment plan.
With such a perfect restoration, no matter how much the final progress can be achieved, at least the real people will not be too disappointed.
So, how much can he fix? Host Zhu was very excited and started the next round of speculation.
/The injured real people were very worried in the spirit gathering array, not knowing how the situation would eventually develop.
The cultivators outside the spirit-gathering array were not only on tenterhooks.
Their curiosity was almost over the top, and they w