ll be even safer.

ll be even safer.
Watching the war horses leave and embark on the journey south, Wang Zhiyun’s heart finally settled in his stomach, “I finally felt at ease, I was afraid that someone would take it away from me.” What
/he didn’t know was that the Munitions Department was turning the world upside down. , those powerful big shots couldn’t care less about these five thousand horses.
Some masters who were slightly inferior in weight were very dissatisfied that Boling County had secured these five thousand horses, so they went to Minister Li and said, Boling’s horses have exceeded the plan. Even if you treat them, you can’t be too favorable to one, right?
/Li Qingming is so worried, how can he care about this? If you get anxious, just say: Those 5,000 horses are from Boling County itself. If you can get 10,000 horses from the Royal Horse Superintendent, I will also give you 5,000 horses.
After Wang Zhiyun put down these five thousand military horses, he was thinking about the other two thousand. Gongsun Weiming directly suggested, “You have five thousand horses in Boling County, which is enough for you. There is no need to carry the horses. Let’s cash them out.” My Gongsun family will sponsor the Boling Military Housing for a sum of money.”
How can this be accomplished? The king’s army envoy had a good idea, and Boling County plus the two thousand horses was not enough.
A cavalry brigade consists of approximately 3,000 horses. Including training horses, the total of 7,000 horses can only support two cavalry brigades at most.
And how big is Bollingshire? There are nearly 100 million people!
As for the fact that there used to be only one cavalry brigade? Please, that’s because Boling County is located in the heart of Middle-earth, and a standing cavalry brigade is just used to quell local emergencies.
Now, Boling County is about to become the first line of resistance against King Jing. Let alone one cavalry brigade, ten cavalry brigades may not be enough!
Moreover, Wang Zhiyun also comes from a military family. He fully understands the importance of strategic material reserves. Once a war breaks out, other armies may join Boling to support it, but by then, military horses will only be in short supply.
When the war is really intense, money doesn’t matter. Food, grass, ordnance, and war horses are the most important, and money may not buy them.
Wang Zhiyun’s attitude is very clear, I definitely want this war horse, even if I don’t want it for nothing, I can give you money.
The Gongsun family then expressed its position, saying that we can be responsible for the transportation, but you have to follow, otherwise if someone makes things difficult for you, your affairs will be delayed.
In good conscience, Wang Zhiyun didn’t have much time. Now Boling County was seizing the time to strengthen its troops, but this batch of war horses could not tolerate any mistakes, so he wanted to send a few people to follow.
But Li Yongsheng was depressed. I really helped you. Although I came by flying boat, I stayed