ut to follow her master obediently. It would be best to imitate Ji Jie and be a quiet and beautiful woman.

Xiang Muqing nodded helplessly, and was called to his side by Lu Bei, who obediently called Pig Man. Just like the previous script, because of his outstanding strength, he likes to take on the arduous task of exploring the road, and walks towards the towering high city in a depressed mood.
/“I can’t find Shizu, and I don’t know where he is.” Ji Jie said.
He had a general sense of presence and was suspected of being a mole. Several people nodded, but no one answered.
The space here is extremely solid. I don’t know if it was created by nature or someone with great supernatural powers exerted magical power to prevent traps such as forbidden formations. It is more appropriate to walk on two legs.
Several people followed suit and walked cautiously towards Xiongcheng. After passing through the towering city wall, they arrived at an open space paved with white jade stones.
Directly in front, two black palace doors were closed, and an old man had his hands hidden in his sleeves, as if he had been waiting for a long time.
Ji Han.
Except for Ji Jie who timidly called Shi Zu, everyone else was extremely vigilant. Ji Han’s eyes were dark and his expression was as cold as ice. His aura fluctuated violently, rising and falling as if he was about to explode at any time.
“Sect Master Lu, be careful, Ji Han is being controlled by someone,” Feixing said via voice transmission.
“No way, he has become an immortal. Who can cure him?”
Lu Bei was sweating on his forehead. Although he had guessed before, seeing Ji Han being turned into a puppet with his own eyes still made him feel frightened.
“There is heaven outside the sky, there are people outside the world, and the immortals on earth are not invincible.” Feixing said quietly.
What Ting Hua means is that she also has the experience of thinking she is invincible and then being taught a lesson.
On a normal day, Lu Bei decided to chat for a while, uncover the scars and ask about the dark history, but that was not possible now, someone as strong as Ji Han had become a puppet, he could not carry it on his shoulders or lift it with his hands, and if he tried to force his head, the iron would definitely be in vain.
Ji Han’s eyes widened, his fingers flicked out dark green nails, his mouth opened wide, and a smile oozed from his throat.
As he took a step forward, a black iron door emerged from the void, with ghosts and monsters painted on it. The green-faced and fanged evil spirits showed their teeth and claws, each one was lifelike, stepping on rivers of blood and lakes, as if they would walk out of the iron door in the next second.
Lu Bei calmly took Bai Jin and stood behind Xiang Muqing. At the same time, Zhu Xiushi also clasped the colorful stone and calmly came to Lu Bei’s side.
The sound of dragging chains sounded, and dozens of evil ghosts stepped out. Evil, evil, dirty, evil, walking in the world, spreading desperate plagues.