even if Zhu Peng is given another chance, he will not take the risk to practice again.

Gambling on the line of life and death, which fluctuates around 50%, is really exciting. What Zhu Peng couldn’t accept the most was that this kind of gambling was completely out of his own control, just like he often gambled without making a fortune. It was natural that he would lose money but not gain anything.
/After integrating what he had learned, Zhu Peng’s cultivation and combat power surged. In a short period of time, he only had room to consolidate and purify his cultivation. But Zhu Peng was still not satisfied and wanted to continue to strengthen his combat power, because he clearly remembered that in the great prophet Jin Yong’s “Secret Records of the Sky Dragon”, Xiao Feng had a father.
/Xiao Feng’s father: “Xiao Yuanshan”. In “Secret of the Heavenly Dragon”, I fought with Xiao Feng several times and it was a dead-end situation. Even if I wanted to decide life and death, I would have to fight beyond three hundred flowers – think about the power of Xiao Feng’s Nine Nights Dragon Control Secret Technique. Three Lily, even Zhu Peng today is not sure.
Jiuxiao’s True Dragon Control Technique is the Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms mentioned in “The Secret Record of Heavenly Dragon”. It is not only unyielding and unrivaled, but also the most powerful and powerful energy method in the world. There are superpowers that have accumulated great momentum: with the same move of Dragon Subduing Palm, the power of Xiao Feng’s 300th palm may be several times more than that of the first palm. Not to mention the bombardment of Bu Xu, even the bombardment of Jindan is 80% instantaneous. situation.
Therefore, Xiao Yuanshan’s combat power is not as good as Xiao Feng’s in a life-and-death fight. This is due to the gap in the unique skill itself rather than the crime of war. The “Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon” or the “Nine Nights Dragon Control Secret” is originally the best in the world. Although there is a fateful dispute with his secret skill “Iron Evil Source Magnetized Hand-Bite”, in fact, after practicing it, Zhu Peng faintly realized that “Iron Evil Source Magnetized Hand-Bite” is slightly inferior to “Nine Nights Dragon Control Secret Technique” “fact.
If not, this set of the most powerful physical training techniques would not have been suppressed for thousands of years by the “Jiuxiao Dragon Controlling True Technique”. Practitioners with a little level in the heavenly planes would not know the “Qidian Dao” There are almost no “Jiuxiao Yulong Zhenjue”, but there are only a few that don’t know about “Iron Evil Yuan Magnetized Hand Bite”.
Zhu Peng designed Xiao Feng and used various means to successfully kill him and obtain the unique body-refining technique “Iron Evil Yuan Magnetized Bite Hand”. However, he also became friends with Xiao Feng’s father Xiao Yuanshan and even the entire Ancestral Dragon Star Territory. Having caused great karma, it can be said that there will be constant killings and dangers in the future. T