y can get along!

If the small church wants to grow, it needs more strength and more compatible friends!
“As long as you say this, it will be enough.” Yan Yuyue nodded.
“Sister Yuyue, I’m so happy that we can perform tasks together again.”
Jiang Qingqing hugged Yan Yuyue and took a deep sip of the fragrance. This fragrant scene made all the male cultivators present stunned. Fan Xiaoniao drooled. It was so spectacular.
In Xingmang Academy, Du Qingtian was really depressed.
/“Yi Fan, tell me how you felt at that time.”
“Master Dean, it’s strange. Actually, that sword can’t be said to be very powerful, but for some reason, I felt powerless at that moment.”
Yi Fan smiled bitterly.
“The Qingyun Sect is one of the few holy cultivators. It must be very knowledgeable about some evil spells. Is it possible that this kid is cheating?”
Du Qingtian said.
“It shouldn’t be possible. His power is that of a very pure holy cultivator, but it feels strange. In my opinion, he has the power of an unruly holy cultivator, just like a horse without reins, able to run freely.”
Yi Fan is obviously full of yearning. The holy cultivator’s skills are calm and profound. This has both advantages and disadvantages, but you can’t see it in Wang Meng.
“Master Dean, from your perspective, is there anything weird about his sword?”
Du Qingtian had a weird smile on his face, “This sword is very similar to ours.”
Yi Fan was also dumbfounded at that moment. Does this mean that Wang Meng’s sword has the charm of Dzogchen, which coincides with the way of heaven?
How can this be! ! !
Du Qingtian was also curious, “What kind of place is the Holy Church that can cultivate such wonderful disciples? It seems that we need to check it out. I remember that the leader of the Holy Church is Xue Zhongnan.”
“Yes, I just checked. The Holy Church’s ranking has improved recently, but it is not among the top twenty among the holy cultivators.”
Yi Fan said that generally speaking, even if a sect with such a poor ranking has talented people, its achievements will be quite limited.
Miracles can be born in the Cultivation Academy, but this is limited, and it is more prepared for those who are strong.
“Qingyun Sect is a major sect in the Holy Cultivation Alliance, so you might as well pay attention to it.”
Du Qingtian certainly deserves Killing Floor.
Yi Fan bowed, “Disciple understands.”
On the other side, Fan Xiaoniao asked his father for additional investment.
“You brat are eating spiritual stones!” Fan Ru didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“If we had eaten, we would have starved to death a long time ago. If we want to develop, we must have support. This is called early investment!”
“Investment doesn’t matter, you have to use your brain!” Of course Fan Ru doesn’t mind Fan Hong’s support. It will be beneficial for people in the same camp to take care of each other in the future. If Fan Hong can inherit his mantle, no matter how much effort he puts in, it will be worth it.
Fan Hong quickly explained Wang Meng’s magic to Fan Ru, “Think about it, we n