can use the power of divine beasts to a certain extent or improve their spells.

Only this kind of nine-turn divine beast can do this.
All eyes are on it, let’s see if this magical armored turtle can continue its magic!
Xiao Jia took action, to be precise, he took action. The formation radiated light and blasted towards the Black Turtle.
The ground exploded, and the terrifying aura was released, shooting straight into the sky.
The slightest movement resulted in the most terrifying explosion since the beginning of the war.
This terrifying scene even surpassed the battle between the Thunder Tribulation Fire Phoenix and the Peacock King.
If it is said that the two are in a terrifying offensive battle, and the black turtle and the armored turtle are in a super heavy attack battle, their defense is undoubtedly invincible, but what about the attack?
Those who are good at defense are generally good at super heavy attacks.
Xiaojia nodded.
This was so overwhelming that no one noticed that Xiao Jia’s eyes were so bright and rarely serious.
/With the first explosion, the black turtle’s huge limbs stepped into the ground, and the entire ground glowed with yellow light.
This was the first failure of Xiaojia’s attack.
The black turtle’s eyes burst out with a burst of yellow light, and he let out a deep roar that only the black turtle could have, as if it came from the ancient world.
Xuanwu’s pressure was such that, except for a handful of True Essence beasts, all the other True Essence beasts were directly shaken to the ground by this pressure.
The God of Beauty also felt the strong pressure, flapped her wings, and emitted holy light to resist this tyrannical aura. Even Muketu, the God of Beauty also felt tremendous pressure. In the inheritance of mythical beasts, the four mythical beasts are indeed superior to others.
Among mythical beasts, this level of confrontation is quite strict!
The other four boys are also resisting this power. It is impossible to ignore it completely. Many people are paying attention here. No matter how strong the team is, they cannot ignore the Holy Church, especially they are more curious about how the Holy Church does it. .
Among the four minors, the Snake Tail Flower and the Water Dragon Beast also resisted this momentum with all their strength. Only the Thunder Tribulation Fire Phoenix raised its head high, and it could indeed be balanced at its level.
The aura confrontation of divine beasts is closely related to their levels. Low-level players have no aura pressure when facing high-level players. If they have equal qualifications, it depends on their respective strengths.
The qualifications of the Thunder Tribulation Fire Phoenix are no worse than those of the Four Directions Divine Beasts.
The only golden horned ape among the five primary schools in the church who did not appear
/The performance is indeed a bit disappointing. It can be seen that it has a hard time resisting this kind of pressure, and it even feels a bit bitter. The fists are clenched tightly and the tee