‘ caused the Zerg in this area to lose control of the fourth-level Zerg in a short time. This time will not be too long, and a new fourth-level Zerg will come to take over in just a few days.

“Lieutenant Mawson, you and Lieutenant Harcourt stay here, I’ll go to the front and take a look!” Seeing that no insect swarm was coming, David decided to enter the Zerg-occupied area and ordered Lieutenant Mawson.
Lieutenant Mawson wanted to persuade David, but he didn’t know how to speak.
He also knew about the actions of David and the four extraordinary people yesterday. David returned from the Zerg-occupied area by himself. He believed that as long as David did not go deep into the Zerg-occupied area, there would be no danger.
“Yes, Major!” Second Lieutenant Mohsen responded solemnly.
David said hello to Benton Chaofan and Garth Chaofan. The two Chaofan were also very relieved, but they just told them not to go in depth and didn’t say anything more.
Although there was no problem with safety, David was still wearing a ‘camouflage cloth’, and the Shadow Attendant was observing carefully from 40 meters above his head.
Ever since he witnessed the horror of the ‘Fang Poison Giant Ant’, he no longer dared to underestimate the Zerg here. There is nothing wrong with being careful.
The ‘Armored Rockworm’ is no longer a powerful Zerg to David now. In fact, as long as it is a second-level Zerg, there is nothing that David cannot easily deal with.
The reason why he chose ‘Armorous Rockworm’ was because David wanted to test the effect of the ‘Poison’ talent.
The defense and vitality of the ‘Armored Rock Worm’ are at the top level of the second-level Zerg. If it can have an effect on the ‘Armored Rock Worm’, David will continue to test it on stronger Zerg.
David’s breath hiding ability can hide even the fourth-level Zerg, and the second-level Zerg “Armored Rockworm” certainly cannot detect him.
It wasn’t until he got closer to 20 meters that he gave up hiding his aura, holding a third-level heavy ax in his right hand, and rushed towards the ‘Armored Rock Insect’.
The ‘Armored Rockworm’ also discovered David, immediately let out a howl, and then rushed towards David.
This is also because David is just a peak warrior, and the ‘Armor Rockworm’ is not afraid of David.
/David’s peak armor strength is extremely confusing, causing the Zerg to misjudge his combat power. The ‘Heavy Ax Master’ is enough to increase his actual combat power by one level, reaching the extraordinary level of combat power.
/David’s mind quickly drew a complex ‘poisonous pattern’. For him, this process was as simple as drinking water.
When he was still ten meters away from the ‘Armorous Rock Worm’, the ‘Poisonous Pattern’ was drawn. The ‘Poisonous Pattern’ absorbed the surrounding energy, and under the guidance of David’s spirit, flew into his hand. The third level heavy axe.
David could clearly see a green light flashing on the blade of the third-grade heavy ax. This was difficult to spot among the third-grade heavy ax that was already flashing green lig