, “Well, anyway, we have to go to Jinling, let it be decided by ourselves. .”

, “Well, anyway, we have to go to Jinling, let it be decided by ourselves. .”
This is the tone that Empress Xuan has set. Even if she plans to let Suzaku go temporarily, Xuannv Palace cannot tolerate her retreating in Jinling – the news has been spread, and everyone is watching.
The strength of Dao Palace is really not an exaggeration, but at the same time, isn’t this a kind of helplessness?
After the explanation, Empress Xuan left with her people, leaving only Ding Qingyao, and not even the extra real people. Although there were many real people in Xuannv Palace, in this extraordinary period, no matter how many real people were there, they would not be enough. .
Anyway, Zhao Xinxin has countless capable people, including a few real people.
When leaving, many real people from Xuannv Palace couldn’t help but look at Master Ding. They had doubts in their hearts: I don’t know what she said to Zhenjun. It seemed that it was very useful.
Ding Qingyao didn’t do anything that day. What? Instead, he drank and chatted with Gongsun Weiming, Huyan Scholar and others. During the process, he made several bowls of deer blood and invited a little girl to drink it.
Although Empress Xuan left, it was impossible not to notice Lei Gu. Seeing this scene, she couldn’t help but feel a little regretful: The contribution of this group of people was really great, otherwise, she would have really wanted to bring that little girl over. , study it carefully.
That was the first-generation blood demon. It was not rare in Arctic Palace, but very rare in Xuannv Palace.
At noon the next day, the sun was shining brightly and the snow on the ground was melting at a speed visible to the naked eye. Ding Jingzhu came to find Zhao Xinxin and Li Yongsheng.
/After Li Yongsheng saw her, he said simply, “We will arrange farming tomorrow, and have a good drink today.”
How smart is Ding Qingyao? He immediately realized what was going on, so he nodded with a smile, “It’s a pity that such a large land is planted with mundane crops. How much spiritual land has been cultivated?” ”
A few hundred acres, probably,” Li Yongsheng frowned. , replied unhappily, “Actually, the aura near the thunder pool is pretty good. Unfortunately, we have to build a body tempering thunder pool, so we can’t farm it.” “I heard that there are
thunder grasses in the Arctic Palace,” Zhao Xinxin echoed, “Would you like to talk to Zhang Muzi, tell me, get some seeds and try planting them?”
Empress Xuan, who was paying attention to this place from five hundred miles away, saw that they were talking about business methods, and lost any interest, so she withdrew her thoughts and concentrated on handling palace affairs. .
As soon as her spiritual thoughts left, Zhao Xinxin felt it, so she directly said, “I wonder what Ding Jingzhu has come to see us and his wife for?” When
Ding Jingzhu heard this, he was slightly startled, and the other party actually even said “husband and wife” “The two words were spoken, so she raised her eyes and looked at the sky without speakin