What is also certain is that the cell in the basement was destroyed by external forces and the Blood Demon disappeared.

What is also certain is that the cell in the basement was destroyed by external forces and the Blood Demon disappeared.
The archbishop personally performed the magic of inviting gods, and the oracle he summoned told them good news: the Blood Demon is still being suppressed and is unlikely to be freed in the short term.
Then, the whereabouts of the Blood Demon can be easily deduced: it must have fallen into the hands of the Rouran people!
What’s hateful is that these Rouran people are really too cunning, extremely ruthless in their attacks, and can’t be traced. It’s really hard to find their whereabouts.
Fortunately, this first-generation blood demon had a mark on it, and through special means, its aura could be felt at close range.
So someone suggested that no matter how much trouble the Rouran people make, they will eventually return home, and we can block them at the border.
In this outpost, there were people from the Jie sect who felt the faint aura and immediately asked for help from the sect.
Chapter 782: The Puppet of the True King
. The Teach Master is determined to eliminate the Blood Demon, but they cannot even tell the border troops about this kind of thing.
Therefore, the followers of the Cult contacted each other secretly, and all the real people rushed over like crazy.
Of course, the border troops did not dare to interfere with the teachings and just let them come and go.
However, due to the excessive emphasis on confidentiality and the fear of scaring away the Rouran people, the real people who arrived were riding horses pretending to be border troops and did not dare to fly openly.
“Of course it was the True Lord who took action,” Raphael stood in the distance and spoke loudly, with a look of resentment on his face. “If you hold back your power, wouldn’t you be the True Lord? Since you are the first to send out His Holiness, then wait for our six bishops to destroy Rourou. Of course.”
What’s even more confusing is that many real people are still looking for the Blood Demon on the Beijia Grassland, and it’s not easy to summon them.
So the most tragic thing happened. Before all their people arrived, the Rouran people had discovered their whereabouts, and the two sides finally fought in advance.
What’s even more embarrassing is that the combat power of the Rouran people is much stronger than they imagined. They may not be able to defeat one on one, let alone the number of real people on the opponent’s side, which is more than twice theirs.
The high-level Taoist priest stood in the air, all kinds of causes and effects flashed through his mind. After pondering for a while, he sighed, “My master, the lecturer Mag, has met all the Taoist priests in Rouran.”
She Chongfeng frowned. Wrinkling slightly, “Magog of the Twelve Apostles?”
The Twelve Apostles are only high-level peak real people, but their use of divine magic is not much worse than that of the Archbishop of the True Lord level.
/Scholar Huyan snorted coldly, “Your Excellency, the apostle, you have admitted the wrong