We tell you, you can eat randomly, but you can’t talk randomly.
In the end, Kun Shuai came forward. She said that Li Qingming was such a person. He was devoted to the country. This was not the first time that he had not followed the rules. As long as the purpose was good and the result was good, in such critical moments, Don’t be too formal.
As soon as her words came out, others had to think about it. After all, this was the old commander of the Wei Kingdom. He had been blowing sand on the northern border for half a year, effectively preventing Rouran’s border troubles.
In the end, the young emperor struggled to keep Li Qingming. Of course, there would still be some small punishments – a year’s salary, no exception.
Li Qingming just sneered disdainfully and said no more.
However, this battle made everyone pay attention to one branch of the military again – the Navy!
/Near Youzhou, Haidai Navy cannot be allowed to show off its power, right? This guy must be killed.
Even if it is just to protect the maritime transportation line, they must be dealt with.
And the only ones who can deal with the navy are, of course, the navy.
But it is a pity that Pengze Navy, which can compete with Haidai Navy, is currently blocked in Boling County. Even Huaiqing’s base has been captured by King Jing. If they want to go to sea, they have to pass through the water of Kuaiji.
This time, even Commander Kun said, “Peng Ze Navy must be summoned. Otherwise, I’m afraid the capital will starve to death before King Xiang is short of food.”
Everyone was speechless, Peng Ze Navy wanted to rush out. The Yangtze River is really not that easy. More importantly, the navy does not fight independently without logistics. They also need supplies.
Even if they break out of the Yangtze River, where will they go for supplies in the future, Kuaiji or Haidai? You can’t go to Haiyou, right?
Instead of going to Haiyou, it is better to go directly to Baiyue, and load up the food and go north – anyway, this is really unrealistic.
As a result, the ministers in the DPRK turned their attention to the war in the south again.
Li Yongsheng and Zhao Xinxin stayed in Thunder Valley, concentrating on dealing with the destruction of Taoism. During this period, a large number of lobbyists came from Boling County, and the two deputy chiefs, Lin Jintang and Xiao Tianzun, even came together.
/But Li Yongsheng didn’t see them at all, and directly asked Zhao Xinxin to come forward and help him block the way.
Yes, these two teaching chiefs had helped him, but he had also reciprocated and was worthy of their care.
As for his current identity in the Boling Correctional Facility? Haha, if you dare to make an argument about this, then don’t do it.
The two chief priests heard that Li Yongsheng was in seclusion, and they wanted to force a meeting, but they had to consider who they were facing now – the nine princesses of the King of England had already spoken, how could they dare to say anything more?
Kong Shujie, the chief instructor of the