entment, and anger suddenly rushed out from the fragments of the so-called Nuwa Stone that had just been refined. When it comes out, it soaks the bones into the flesh, burning the gods and frightening the spirits.

This resentful spirit was so terrifying and strong that even with Zhu Peng’s determination and determination, he could not stop it suddenly. He was instantly pulled into an inexplicable artistic conception, and there seemed to be something in his ears. Terrifying shouts, as if there were images of giants fighting in front of them, the world suddenly turned into a bloody red and murderous, and the sky-piercing screams could still be heard in my ears: “Nuwa, you are the great saint of my demon clan. , now he is a human race, he is a human race, he is a human race.”
Strong grief, indignation and hatred filled his chest inexplicably. Although Zhu Peng knew clearly that it was not his will, even though Zhu Peng knew clearly that this was hatred originating from ancient times, Zhu Peng couldn’t even control the gnashing of teeth. .
“Destroy, destroy the human race, your extinction is the best gift to heaven and eternity.” Incited by an inexplicable will, Zhu Peng’s thoughts seemed to expand infinitely, and then began to look down with a wave of Looking at the entire planet from a perspective, in fact, the monks’ actions and living habits are already excellent in harmonizing nature.
Among them, the wise ones are the unity of nature and man, and have perfectly achieved the harmonious unity between man and nature.
/However, after all, they are too many and too powerful. Their existence itself has greatly occupied the living space of other creatures in the world, so that the existence of the human race is leading to the extinction of one or even several species every day.
In the most primitive world, there were no “demon” in the world of cultivation, but since the emergence of the human race, so-called “demon” have appeared in this world.
Monsters like humans take the group as a unit and wantonly invade all living spaces they see. They eat almost everything, occupy everything, and are eager to possess everything. When their strong desires bring them powerful power, It also played a tragic song for all other species except humans.
So when the great saint Nuwa of the demon tribe saved the human race and mended the sky, all the demon tribes were so desperate, angry, and even resentful.
A large amount of information flowed through Zhu Peng’s mind. After all, those emotions and thoughts were tens of thousands or even tens of millions of years ago, but the indelible hatred and emotions were still stationed in Zhu Peng’s mind. However, it did not have too much negative impact on him, but it really made his swordsmanship artistic conception further.
/“No wonder there will be an apocalypse, no wonder there will be calamities, no wonder the human race of the former Earth Star will accumulate terrifying causes and effects that will burn the sky and destroy the earth for seven times. The monks in the cultivation world ha