d on past combat experience, we all just rush forward.

This simple set of tactics can lead to victory most of the time. Even if you fail, you can still escape intact.
There had been no accident, otherwise the old man would not be alive now.
The internal competition within the Orc Empire is far more intense than that among human nations. In order to compete for resources, the battles between tribes are almost endless.
The cruel internal struggle was also the main driving force for the orcs’ southward invasion.
In a short time, a simple temporary camp was set up.
While waiting quietly for the enemy to come, Hudson also picked out soldiers who were good at riding and shooting and equipped them with arrows.
How to use mounted shooting tactics, Hudson had no experience to draw from, so he could only fumble on his own.
In the context of a huge disparity in the number of cavalry, there is no chance of winning in a head-on confrontation, so we can only find another way.
The Wolf Cavalry moves quickly, and its corresponding defense is not much higher.
Although the Wolf Cavalry’s mount, War Wolf, is ferocious, its waist is its biggest shortcoming. If you put on bulky armor, the wolf warrior will be useless before he even gets to the battlefield.
/When selecting wolf cavalry, not only must they have strong combat effectiveness, but they must also have physical requirements for the soldiers.
The burly fat man was riding on the back of the wolf, and soon the mount fell down from exhaustion.
Only a few evolved giant wolves can carry the weight.
This kind of high-end mount is exclusive to the Silver Moon Wolf Clan, a true noble among wolves.
Hudson stood up, looked at the orc army appearing on the horizon, and suddenly had a strange thought.
If we charge forward with cavalry now and disperse the group of orcs, will the other party be scared away?
After some thought, Hudson gave up the idea.
The elites are all produced by fighting, and the orc army in front of them is just suitable for gaining experience.
What’s more, as a general, now he also needs military exploits.
Showing the enemy’s weakness and luring them to kill them is much more meaningful than scaring the enemy away.
Seeing the enemy’s troops approaching the border, Hudson was not idle.
He immediately took out his elf bow, and drew out four arrows the size of short spears. He opened the bow and nocked the arrows, and shot at the leader of the orc army.
After a loud explosion, the four unlucky guys fell down. The arrow did not stop, but continued to sprint forward, followed by a few more unlucky ones.
In the cruel orc army, for soldiers of the vassal race, injury is almost equal to death.
With a sudden blow, the orc army, which was originally murderous, instantly became slightly chaotic.
Without time to pay attention to the reaction of the orc army, Hudson put four more arrows on his bow and shot out again.
Repeated several times in a row, the orc leaders who were leading the attack were so frightened that they restrained themselves, fea