pointed. If she could be persuaded at this time, maybe she would find her way back.

Once upon a time, there was a female monk named Bai who felt the same way.
/“Senior Sister Zhan, don’t wait around, do it quickly. If you’re not in a hurry, I’m still in a hurry!”
/Lu Bei urged: “It’s just dual cultivation, not dual cultivation. Don’t worry, Lu will keep his word. A mutually beneficial business will never enter your life in the future.”
After saying that, a little white light popped out from his fingers.
After cutting the red song, the Immortal Sword Intent entered his body, his delicate body trembled, his legs were numb and weak, and he sat cross-legged on the dark side of the formation diagram.
After sitting down, she completely gave up struggling, and followed the rotation of the Yin and Yang Pisces, opening her soul to connect with Lu Bei’s breath.
He cut the red song and practiced Yuan Ran’s Sword Song, and understood Yuan Ran’s Sword Intent. Later, he watched the sword point on the wall and gained the Forgetting Sword Intent again. Lu Bei studied Changchong Sword Song and Wenqing Sword Song successively, and understood the Changchong Sword Intent and Wenqing Sword Intent with his strong qualifications.
Although there are differences in the swordsmanship between the two, they are all within the Nine Swords and share the same origin. With the help of the Double Mysterious Treasure Map, they can easily reach the highest state of dual cultivation of Yuan Shen.
You and I are indistinguishable from each other.
During this period, the soul of Zhan Hongqu struggled symbolically a few times. This was her last stubbornness and her reserve as a daughter.
But as Lu Bei opened his Immortal Sword Intent, she immediately became more proactive than anyone else. Not only did she stop struggling, she also told Lu Bei not to struggle.
Half an hour later, the two souls were surrounded by each other, and the body of Zhan Hongqu bloomed with white light and formed a cocoon. His momentum broke through the bottleneck of the integration stage, and he could not stabilize after repeated horizontal jumps.
Lu Bei has a lot of experience in dual cultivation. He has fought against small stations several times and has rich experience. He is very familiar with this scene. He knows that the breakthrough of Zhan Hongqu is imminent, so he does not hesitate to use up his innate energy to help stabilize his state.
Here he has been.
Compared with Bai Jinxia’s usual self-comfort, Zhan Hongqu was much more straightforward. She had a glimpse of the palace of the immortal sword. The soul tightly hugged Lu Bei and refused to let go. Important matters such as promotion and stabilization of the realm were forgotten by her. Leave everything to Lu Bei to handle.
The Cultivation Accelerator is worth owning.
An hour later, Lu Bei opened his eyes, opened his arms around his neck, looked at the face of Sister Yu who was very close at hand, and shook his head repeatedly.
This man was dishonest. He had agreed to cultivate both soul and soul, but he