uldn’t the trees planted by the predecessors be in vain?

The two people had different ideas and had nothing in common. Wen Bubei became more and more excited as he talked, talking about himself so passionately that Lu Bei felt that he was very noisy. He fired out a sword fist, and the white beam of light beat him into a sky filled with iron filings. .
“Martial nephew, I blame me for talking too much. I thought you would be happy to see me, and you can’t hold it back for a long time. In this case, let’s start immediately and stop wasting time!” Wen Bubei thought Lu Bei was eager to try, thinking that he had found a like-minded person, and he was overjoyed. Directly activate the Three-Yuan Sword Formation.
buzz buzz
The sword wheels surrounded him, and the billowing sword energy roared, cutting through the sky and the sky.
Three giant swords rising up from the ground, building on the power of heaven and earth, dividing this area of ??heaven and earth into a world of its own.
In the formation, the sword energy of the azure world is boundless, and one can only hear bursts of harsh clashes of gold and iron, countless fierce sword light exchanges, the sword intent is filled with it, the sword energy is connected, and the sword energy is reincarnated, with endless birth and death.
The people from Lubei were in the formation, like a fish in the sea. Looking around the world, they could see the sharpness of their swords. The space was frozen, and it was difficult to move even an inch. He punched away the sword light in front of him. It took a lot of effort, and he felt like he was carrying a whole world on his shoulders.
The solidified small world was self-contained, unable to tear apart the space to escape. The sword light came endlessly, and when it was gone, the sword intent exploded and stung the skin. After a while, Lu Bei was turned into a bloody man.
He secretly thought it was troublesome. If he had known that the sword formation was so weird, he shouldn’t have rushed to take action just now. He would have sacrificed the chopped red yeast to neutralize the sharpness of the sword formation.
The good news is that under the impact of countless sword lights, the experience of the sword body increases gradually, just like in the practice room.
It’s still the kind of free prostitution.
Only sword intention can compete with sword intention, but Lu Bei didn’t think so much. It could be seen that Wen Bubei set up this formation just to observe his sword intention.
This is not good. The double standard is that you can do it for free, but I absolutely cannot do it for you.
/After taking a look at the experience of the sharp increase in the sword body, Lu Bei decided to endure it for a while longer and wait until the increase slowed down or stopped moving, then he would use his larger moves to hit the center of the formation.
You Wen Bu Bei explained in detail that he had basically figured out the structure of the formation. The three phantoms holding swords could be killed endlessly. No matter how many t