t smiled and shook his head, “Things here can’t be delayed for long. ?”

t smiled and shook his head, “Things here can’t be delayed for long. ?”
Half a day later, he regretted what he said. At midnight, a group of fireworks suddenly shot into the sky and exploded outside the yard.
The spies of the North Korean Security Bureau were ready to fight in an instant. This was a warning from the secret sentry outside the North Korean Security Bureau.
However, it was already too late. More than a dozen white figures jumped onto the roof, and someone shouted loudly, “The heroes of Qingwu Mountain are doing their work, and anyone who dares to stop them will die!” The
visitors all wore white cloaks, and it was difficult to see them in the white snow. Identify it.
“Damn it!” Someone shouted and rushed out of the room, “Are you tired of living? Dare you find fault with the Chao An Bureau?”
This is the only two cultivators of the Chao An Bureau here, a mid-level cultivator, not Saying that there is no one in the North Korea Security Bureau is such a small matter. As long as you show your own brand, who would dare to resist?
Otherwise, there are three chief cultivators left at home by Xi Jiaguang, and together with Yu Chongfeng, there are four chief cultivators. They are fully capable of taking down the people of the Chaoan Security Bureau, but that would really be a rebellion.
“It turns out he is the uncle of the Chaoan Security Bureau,” someone among the men in white chuckled, “This grumpy old man should go to Qingwu Mountain as a guest for a few days. The beautiful scenery there is perfect for cultivating one’s moral character.”
As he spoke, Two white figures had already rushed towards the cultivator. A red light flashed in one’s hand, and a white light appeared in the eyes of the other. They turned out to be two cultivators.
Almost instantly, the middle-aged repairman fell into a hard fight. A repairman from the North Korea Security Bureau came to help him. One of the white figures raised his hand, and a few lightning strikes struck him, “You bastard, you are seeking death!”
The production personnel of the North Korean Security Bureau were really unable to prevent this lightning attack. Several spies were immediately knocked over on the spot. They were dressed in black and lying in the snow. They were really eye-catching.
Of course, the Chao Security Bureau’s methods are far more than these. In the dark corner, a few white lights shot at the man in white on the roof, extremely fast – of course the government has sharp weapons.
/Those who were ambushing in secret did not dare to attack those fighting for fear of accidental injury, so they could only attack the enemies on the roof.
A man in white snorted, and several silver shields suddenly appeared in front of him.
Chapter 217 There is a mountain beyond the mountain
. The bandits in Qingwu Mountain are indeed extremely powerful. Most of the dozen or so men in white who came here are actually cultivators.
The Chao Security Bureau has other tricks, such as poisoning, but it is not easy to do these on a snowy night.