there is no news about Bai Jin. There is no news about whether he can go to Lingxiao Sword Sect for further study, or whether he can learn more advanced experience-earning techniques.

It’s very ink.
If the leader nodded and put aside the knot of being beaten up by his junior brother and the unclear relationship between his wife and his junior brother, he would pack up and go back to Sanqing Peak first, and then go straight to Yuezhou. Lingxiao Sword Sect.
If he can’t let go as the leader, he will continue to gain experience and wait until the Yuhuamen repair is completed, then return to his hometown and become the leader himself.
To be honest, he was still thinking about the nest of little foxes on Sanqing Peak!
I haven’t fed steamed buns for so long, so I don’t know if I’ve lost weight.
It’s so worrying.
This nest of foxes is of great use to Lu Bei and has been regarded as a treasure.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not for his own use, but it can come in handy in his plans.
When Lu Bei mentioned the plan, he immediately thought of Zhu Kui, who was from a wealthy family, had people above him, and was a high-quality partner.
The most important thing is that his surname is Zhu.
In Wuzhou, this surname represents privilege and is almost unexplainable.
As for the small misunderstanding between the two, it was nothing to Lu Bei. In the adult world, no matter what was right or wrong, everyone made money. He was determined to be his friend.
Zhu Mansion.
The door was closed tightly, and Lu Bei was blocked from the door, just like Zhu Kui was turned away by Wei Mao at the door of the Wei Mansion that night.
After knocking several times, no one opened the door. Lu Bei sighed, lamenting that it was so difficult to make friends, and left with the generous gift.
The roast goose wrapped in oil paper was cooked by the Mingyuelou chef himself and bought by Lin Bohai before getting off work.
Not long after he left, a carriage hurriedly stopped. Zhu Kui jumped out of the carriage and raised his hand to lightly knock on the door.
After getting no answer several times, he took a few steps back with a puzzled look on his face, made sure it was his home, and then called the door again.
/If you look closely, you will find that this person is not Zhu Kui. He has a similar appearance and body shape, with some slight differences.
His name is Zhu Bo, the eldest brother of Zhu Kui. He went out on business some time ago and just came back today.
As the call at the door spread, the servant opened the door and welcomed him in.
“Uncle, you are back.”
“It’s not dark yet, why is the door closed?”
Zhu Bo frowned and said, “Where is the second master? Where is he? He went out to fool around again?”
“Uncle, the second master has been in the house these days. The door is closed because young people came to the house to cause trouble. The second master was very annoyed and asked us to close the door and ignore it.” The servant replied truthfully.
Zhu Bo was extremely surprised: “Say it again, I didn’t understand.”
“One nigh