lasts, the more stable Chu Weiyang Dao and Fa Jinyi will become, and the final result will naturally be that the tide rises and lifts all boats.

So, at this moment, even though he heard the uncontrollable calls of one or two monks, Chu Weiyang turned a deaf ear and staggered straight down the mountain.
/Only this time, when the cultivators in the same place looked at Chu Weiyang’s back, in addition to an expression of eager longing that scratched their bones and scratched their hearts, they also showed a more expectant expression.
This is the confidence that Chu Weiyang has demonstrated for a long time in his effectiveness.
At the same time, those cultivators who had not yet visited Chu Weiyang looked at each other in confusion, and the silent words in their eyes seemed to become more complicated.
In the quiet room, Chu Weiyang sat on the futon. He said he was resting, but in fact, he was contemplating and recuperating the three elements of essence, energy and spirit.
Speaking of which, it has been a long time since he was promoted to the foundation-building realm. The accumulated turbid evil is no longer the poison that tortures Chu Weiyang’s energy and spirit, but the habits cultivated by his past experiences have taught Chu Weiyang Yang seems to have completely lost its ability to sleep, and has been replaced by meditation for a long time.
However, only half of Chu Weiyang’s mind was left in Niwan Palace, wandering in the mysterious scene of empty space.
At this time, part of Chu Weiyang’s mind was still shining outside. He was doing two things, so he shined the apricot-yellow flag outside. The flag was wrapped around the flagpole and placed horizontally on his knees.
As Chu Weiyang’s majestic thoughts and thoughts enveloped him, a continuous spiritual light shone on the treasure, almost like a long river, wandering in the treasure, accompanied by Chu Weiyang’s long and soft breathing sound. , repeated washing refines the origin of the treasure.
And at the same time that the vast spiritual light was flowing, subtle changes were also taking place.
At first, the change came from the looming silk thread holes on the flags that illuminated the bright light. Then, under the guidance of Chu Weiyang, some of the seal patterns themselves were slightly adjusted bit by bit, or their shapes were made more concise. Either the distance between them is more harmonious, or the condensed catalog is more harmonious and flawless.
It’s as if the soil is mixed into mud, and then the mud is carved into a statue bit by bit.
Something comes from nothing, and a hundred alchemical essences come from something.
And from this process, the changes on the flags are just the origin of everything. It seems to be a response to one law, and all laws have their own responses. There is a strong spiritual light constantly emerging from the flags, and then because of the spiritual light itself, The flow was wrapped up again and spread straight to the purple-gold and jade-like flagpole.
The vastness of the long river did not take anythi