he young man stood up and stood next to the basket. He lowered his head and looked down at Steward Ma, who was still laughing strangely.

In fact, not all expressions in this world are suitable for all people.
For example, smile.
Some people just curl up the corners of their mouths and show off all kinds of charm, while some people just open their lips and teeth slightly and say goodbye to the wind, frost, snow and rain.
But when someone smiles, they may look evil, greasy, or have a crooked face and mouth.
Manager Ma was still laughing strangely. Perhaps in his heart, such a smile was sarcastic, crazy, and mean.
But he had forgotten that the gray dust mixed with the dark blood and mud was smeared on his rich face. If he looked closely, it looked like a pig’s head, and there was no trace of a human being.
His smile only made Chu Weiyang subconsciously see clearly his chin that was squeezed into two or three layers and his slightly yellowed teeth.
It’s really ugly.
With a cold face, Chu Weiyang raised his hand, pinched his neck, and pressed it on the twelfth floor. Immediately, magic energy condensed from Chu Weiyang’s palm, and then poured into the horse in an extremely rough way. The two meridians of Ren and Du in charge of affairs are in the Zhoutian meridian.
Mana is the spiritual energy that nourishes the whole body.
/This kind of action is a way to survive in times of crisis.
But Chu Weiyang’s magic power was eroded by evil energy, and at this moment, he could only teach Ma Guanshi to feel unspeakable severe pain!
/Just like what Chu Weiyang has experienced often in the past few years.
The weird laughter stopped suddenly, and Manager Ma suddenly opened his eyes wide. He opened his mouth wide at the same time. Subconsciously, he seemed to want to cry out in pain, but he saw the flash of sarcasm in Chu Weiyang’s empty eyes. With a look on his face, Manager Ma suddenly resisted the urge to shout, only shaking his shoulders violently.
After a moment, Chu Weiyang retracted his palm.
After all, such use of magic power and the same pain were also inflicted on Chu Weiyang.
He is not a person who likes to taste pain and enjoy it like wine unless necessary.
Immediately afterwards, Chu Weiyang’s hoarse voice sounded.
“Boss, there’s no benefit in irritating me. I just lost two legs. Oh no, it’s three. I just lost three legs. I think you won’t really go crazy. There’s no need to pretend to be crazy. Suppress the Demon Cave What kind of crazy devil have I never seen? Don’t think about waiting for me to get very angry and put an end to your pain with a sword. We both have many accounts to settle slowly! You shouldn’t ask for trouble, I’m here , it’s hard for you to die quickly, what do you think?”
Chu Weiyang’s calm and hoarse voice seemed to contain some mysterious power similar to thunder. After calming down, Manager Ma actually shuddered for a few times and seemed speechless to Chu Weiyang. , half in despair and half in pain, he closed his eyes.
Chu Weiyang’s voice sounded immediately.
“No! You should