que may not be the best!

My sect is good at Baihuashaqi. In the past, we won the “Five Zangs, Food and Qi Jingjue” from Panwang sect. In fact, it was because too many of them were classified into the five elements, and they all belonged to the supreme. It was most necessary to have such a legal system to unify it. . ”
When he mentioned this, Xu Shi became a little more excited, but Chu Weiyang heard a few trembling tail sounds.
But then, Shi Yuting stretched out his hand and gently caressed the back of Chu Weiyang’s hand.
“This “Zhe Hua Sutra” is a secret transmission of my lineage. The sages of the past generations have devoted themselves to this way. It is the true and supreme poisonous Tao method! I think this method can teach you that the foundation of the Five Elements is completely solid. , it’s really perfect and flawless!
Besides, Qinghe, or concubine, really teaches the young master to see what he really wants! But having said that, I have no confidence in my body and mind, and I need to teach the young master to give me some reassurance! ”
When talking about this place, Shi Yuting, who was clearly as weak as a willow in the wind, stood up straight in front of Chu Weiyang with only the strength of his waist.
At the same time, the palm that “witnessed the heart” was caressed silently, and Shi Yuting seemed to be a different person, like the mysterious goddess of the sky, dignified and not allowed to be blasphemed.
“In my lineage, I am already the master of the house. This single flower demon’s method is given to the young master, but it can actually have the final say. What’s more, if you recite the “Heart-Eating Life Summoning Curse” , more effective than any mountain alliance, this is actually my congratulatory gift to the young master for being crowned the ‘Lord of the Mountain’!”
When the words fell, Shi Yuting’s expression hesitated slightly.
/“If the young master still has any doubts”
Before Shi Yuting could say anything, Chu Weiyang clasped the jade slip in his hand with his backhand, and then looked at Shi Yuting.
“No, Junior Sister’s congratulatory gifts, whether it’s this one or the previous one, Chu likes them very much.”
Upon hearing these words, Shi Yuting’s face showed a bright smile in an instant.
“As long as the young master likes it.”
After saying that, Xu Shizhen gradually calmed down and suddenly felt ashamed. Shi Yuting then turned around, walked halfway and bent down to pick up the gauze clothes, and then avoided the wooden screen. Go behind.
In an instant, one could no longer see the figure, not even a hazy outline, but gradually one could hear the faint rustling sound.
And in the same place, when he saw Chu Weiyang raising the jade slip in his hand and placing it between his eyebrows, Qing He pursed his lips and said nothing, with a look of both anger and joy on his face. Expression comes.
I am happy because Chu Weiyang’s choice seems to be a reassurance, which truly comforts Qing He and Shi Yuting’s thoughts.
And the reason for being jealous is because Qing He also r