eans that the person in front of him has completely destroyed the honor and disgrace belonging to the Holy Land, the sect, the cause and effect of the sect, etc. in this field. Such restrictions!

Even for casual cultivators like Chu Weiyang, there is even a dojo for quiet practice.
But the person in front of me has become really unscrupulous!
Sure enough, when Chu Weiyang thought about this, someone among the cultivators in the Shangming Palace who flew to the side of Meng Huaizhen already shouted harshly at the middle-aged Taoist disciple.
“I know you! Five Elements Sect Zhou Jin! Why are you pretending like this? Five Elements Sect is already standing on the edge of a cliff. You are doing something that offends everyone. This is to push Five Elements Sect further. Push off the cliff?”
When he heard this, the middle-aged Taoist man in the same place smiled coldly.
“Zhou Jin of the Five Elements Sect? No, no, no! Fellow Taoist Taoists know that Pindao has betrayed the Five Elements Sect’s wall a few days ago! From today on, only Zhou Jin, a casual cultivator!”
/Hearing this, Chu Weiyang frowned further.
If it were an ordinary time when a person’s brain was turned into a dog’s brain, Chu Weiyang would not bother to care.
But things are different now. As early as the beginning of this turmoil, Chu Weiyang had raised the banner of “loose cultivators” in the venue.
Nowadays, this flag is predictably still useful, but this flag cannot be knocked down so casually!
If it is true that the casual cultivators do not follow the rules, do evil things, and block people’s path at critical moments, I am afraid that Chu Weiyang, the “carrier” and “initiator” of the casual cultivators at the beginning of the crisis, will also suffer for it. tired.
Not only that, among the crowd, Lu Beihai’s expression suddenly became intense.
So, in the flash of light and stone, Chu Weiyang’s thoughts were whirling. Before the Taozi from Shangming Palace could say anything else, Chu Weiyang’s slightly hoarse voice sounded first.
“Fellow Daoist Zhou, this unpredictable storm has involved all of us. It has been many days since we started, and everyone has noticed it. All our luck and luck have been covered up by the storm itself. .
Therefore, fellow Taoist, you are so imaginative that even a poisonous hand and the fate of life and death can be covered up. If you betray the Five Elements Sect, is it really considered a betrayal? Even if someone witnesses it, does it really count? ”
When he heard this, Zhou Jin’s expression turned serious.
Therefore, Chu Weiyang’s voice continued to be tempting.
“I’m afraid that in the end, all the bad consequences of your fellow Taoist actions will still return to the destiny of the Five Elements Sect. In the end, you will have to teach your fellow disciples to shoulder the responsibility for you one after another. It’s nothing more than this.”
When Zhou Jin heard these words, while he was pondering, his face suddenly became startled again.
“Fellow Taoist Five Poisons, since the cause and effect, luck