t it, the light appeared in the distance. The dim yellow spiritual light also collapsed together.

It is not a change between light and death.
Instead, along with the collapse, the spiritual light suddenly disintegrated into spiritual light dust.
The scattered aura dust lost its dim yellow background at this moment. In the boundless darkness, separated by some illusory hazy cover, the aura dust that seemed to be like a galaxy began to appear. Revealing colorful colors.
Immediately afterwards, the qi machine that originally sensed Chu Weiyang’s figure appeared again from nowhere, but Chu Weiyang was not given a chance to capture it. In the next moment, the qi machine sank into the air. In this galaxy of auras and dust.
So, with the anchoring of this wisp of energy, a certain point of spiritual light dust in the galaxy suddenly became bright at this moment. Then, under Chu Weiyang’s gaze, the light that was originally facing the dark world suddenly became brighter. The scattered spiritual light dust all converged towards the point where the bright light flourished.
It turned from dim yellow to colorful, and now, it has changed from colorful to pure dark green color.
The next moment, in the extremely prosperous dark green light, a human-shaped light and shadow that was obviously not a stranger when viewed from the side emerged from the bright light.
The moment the outline came into Chu Weiyang’s eyes, Chu Weiyang raised his eyebrows sharply.
From hazy to clear, from illusion to reality.
At first, it was just a pure phantom of spiritual light. Gradually, in that flash of light, Chu Weiyang saw the wooden seal patterns revealed in the interplay of light and shadow.
These seal lines themselves seem to have turned into some kind of texture, intertwined, outlining the bones, the blood marrow, the muscles, and the meridians.
In the end, it was this startling glance that made the mistake. When the man controlled the cultivation level of the elixir realm and stood firmly in front of Chu Weiyang, the Taoist almost thought that there really were some living beings in this dark world. .
In fact, perhaps it is precisely because we do not want to teach people to have such misunderstandings that the fleeting changes in virtuality and reality will extend from the changes from nothing to the monks’ observation and gaze, and bring out that kind of living thing. The feeling of panic from the sudden appearance of the person subsided.
/And in the same place, Chu Weiyang really relaxed and at the same time, for no reason, all the things he had just seen in the process of the startling glance appeared repeatedly in Chu Weiyang’s memory.
The Tao and Dharma of the person in front of me are completely limited to the way of wood-moving evil energy, and are not contaminated at all. Therefore, because it is limited to a certain way, at that moment, the seal pattern will be revealed very easily. Teach people to see the consistent meaning of Taoism.
/As for the subsequent evolution of blood marrow, bones, muscles, qi and blood, etc., th