n army of 10,000 are qualified to take charge of unimportant local battlefields on the battlefield, and can be regarded as the “main force” among the cannon fodder.

“Chief Stark, this is what you said. The tribe is responsible for making up for the gaps in our winter supplies. If the people behind are hungry, I will not agree!”
The giant tauren man on the right said with a simple and honest expression.
The gap between chiefs and chiefs is greater than the gap between humans and dogs.
The chiefs of the royal tribes have the most noble status and are indispensable for their fine clothing and food.
/The treatment of chiefs of some wealthy tribes is not bad, and their status is similar to that of ordinary tribal chiefs of the royal family. Not to mention the delicacies from the mountains and seas every day, my life was quite comfortable.
Further down are the powerful tribal chiefs like Stark. Although their lives are not as good as those in the previous two levels, they still have plenty of food and wine and are powerful.
The same cannot be said for the chiefs of the small tribes further down. Although their lives are much better than those of ordinary tribesmen, they still have to worry about the survival of the tribe every day.
The tribe is weak and has no ability to compete for resources. Even if the pasture is idle, they are not qualified to graze, and they can only survive in corners that are looked down upon by the larger tribes.
More often than not, they play the role of “beating workers.” Grazing cattle for powerful tribes and earning hard-earned money.
Many times it is difficult to make ends meet, let alone enjoy life.
“Don’t worry, I, Stark, have a reputation far and wide. There’s no one within hundreds of miles who hasn’t heard of it!
You can rest assured that as long as you join my Tatim tribe, everyone will be one of your own.
There are mountains of supplies in the tribe, how could we let our family members starve! ”
Stark promised without changing his expression.
Obviously, these words are full of bragging elements. The so-called “going out to inquire” is completely nonsense.
In recent years, the Orc Empire has been in turmoil, and its neighbors have changed one after another.
Everyone became new neighbors because of migration. The nearby tribes were almost harmed by Stark. Because they are from the same clan, their family survived.
The main reason is that the two major camps are in opposition, and the four royal families’ control over the vassal races has declined, giving Stark room for maneuver.
When the royal army comes, it obeys the orders of the royal family; when the army of the Seven Clans Alliance comes, it obeys the orders of the Seven Clans Alliance.
/Whoever’s main force is around here will hang out with that family. The main thing is to be aware of current affairs.
The situation has developed to this point, and only tribes with flexible moral bottom lines can survive in troubled times.
If you are not the core tribe of the two camps, if you hang on a tree, you will really have