rget about the malice of the joke itself, as well as the humiliation that Chu Weiyang would most likely face if he fell slightly behind, and even… The disaster of death.

They just feel that they are extremely wronged.
/Part of Zhong Chaoyuan’s memory fragments are still tied to him. At this time, Chu Weiyang seems to have the Yinming magic power that can penetrate people’s souls. The sight hidden under the curtain seems to have real power. He only looks around. Looking at everyone, they have already guessed the changes in Zhu Xiu’s mood.
/So, in the next moment, Chu Weiyang gently turned his wrist, and drops of water were thrown off the oil-paper umbrella, breaking through the rain curtain. Immediately, Zhu Xiu was shocked.
Before the surprised emotions calmed down, when Zhu Xiu looked carefully, he saw that there was no aura in the water droplets, and they suddenly merged into the wind and rain and disappeared.
Immediately afterwards, Chu Weiyang’s hoarse laughter gradually sounded, as cold as if it came from a ghost.
“What, do you want to continue playing? You can still be unconvinced, reprimand me for being too murderous, and insult me ??for not caring about the general trend. Look, I have already thought of excuses for you. Do you have any plans to continue playing? Going down?
Anyway, it’s okay for me to do what only six or seven people can do. ”
It is clear that they are in the same realm, and it is clear that the cultivators also understand that if they work together, even Chu Weiyang may not dare to have the confidence to win.
But the moment the meaning of Barbarian Tyrant hit their faces, the numbness that the cultivators had gained from the long-term killings stationed in Daocheng disappeared. They were almost frightened out of their minds, and they only felt that the person in front of them looked more and more like something. Ghostly, every word reveals the smell of blood.
So, in the long silence, no one said anything.
Chu Weiyang chuckled again, and then he raised the jade talisman in his hand. The moment the bright light shone again, it was immediately connected to the jade talisman hanging on Zhu Xiu’s waist, and experienced a flash of light. After the interweaving and resonance, the interweaving of Qi becomes more harmonious and harmonious, and the bright light that shines disappears into the invisible.
As a result, Chu Weiyang’s voice became calmer than before.
“Standing behind Pindao, the seven of you, even the monks from Tianrui Dao City who came to escort the treasure, will arrive next, the monks from Tiandou Dao City who will participate in the escort of the treasure this time.
We are all members of the Yuan Sect, so there is no need to lie to anyone. Fellow Taoists from Tiandou Daocheng may just have some fun with Pindao and you, but this journey is an important matter, and we cannot help it. Waiting for those who are distracted, how did Pindao deal with it just now, and how will we deal with it later. ”
Without those gloomy words, Chu Weiyang’s calm tone actually made several pe