art fire, and enters the kidneys to burn it. After burning, the water element in the medicine is removed, and a ray of water element aura nourishes the kidneys.”

“Furthermore, it is water that generates wood. It uses the heart fire to wrap the big medicine and enter the liver to burn it. When it is burned, the wood element in the medicine will be removed. A ray of wood element spiritual light will nourish the liver.”
“At this time, four of the five elements have been removed, the lone tree cannot be supported, and the big medicine has scattered its shape. It is still wrapped in the heart fire, and returns to the cauldron, burning it fiercely with the raging heart fire!”
“Burn away the fire element in the medicine and merge into the inner fire!”
“Because of this, the heart fire flew out and returned to the heart chamber of Zhongdantian Jianggong, the alchemy cauldron collapsed, and a wisp of Yuan Qi became mana.”
“This is the blue dragon entering the Tianchi and the white tiger returning to the cave.”
The voice of the bald man rang in his mind, Chu Weiyang had made it in one step. In just a few words, Chu Weiyang had subdued the dragon and subdued the tiger, and ascended to Kunlun.
The moment the wisp of Yuan Qi entered his Dantian, Chu Weiyang’s body suddenly froze.
Before he could rejoice, suddenly, Chu Weiyang was overwhelmed by boundless heart palpitations!
It was as if all the hunger feelings Chu Weiyang had suffered from the beginning of his life to this day were released at this moment!
Opening his eyes suddenly, Chu Weiyang swallowed another big mouthful.
But after eating into the alchemy cauldron, once the heart fire is burned, there is no longer any feeling of fullness. Even as the Yuan Qi is refined and the spiritual light in the five internal organs becomes stronger, the young man’s hunger becomes stronger with each breath.
The next moment, Chu Weiyang stopped swallowing.
He was obviously hesitating about something.
At the same time, the voice of the bald man sounded, not from his memory, but in his ears.
“There is no perfect method in the world. Normally, this cannot be a shortcoming of the method. But in the Demon-Suppressing Cave, surrounded by turbid evil spirits, you can practice the “Five Zangs and Food Qi Essence” with such a bowl of fishy broth. 》, there must be some price.”
“If you can’t bear it, there’s no problem in continuing to practice the “Yuan Yuan Jue”. It’s just a matter of dying a few days earlier. In this demon-suppressing cave, long-term pain is not as good as short-term pain.”
As soon as he said this, Chu Weiyang no longer hesitated in his actions.
He took a few gulps and chewed the food in the bowl cleanly.
After licking the rim of the bowl clean, Chu Weiyang turned back to look at the bald man.
/“You don’t need to provoke me, let alone any nonsense about long-term pain being worse than short-term pain. If you really want to find pleasure, I should have been knocked down when I was seven years old!”
It started with anger, then anxiety. After a few days, walking