is no one time, there must be another time. I am not afraid of you settling accounts with me. I am not afraid of you killing me with one sword. I am only afraid that you will go completely crazy. I am only afraid that when the time comes, I Life is worse than death!”

Chu Weiyang paused.
He looked at Steward Ma in surprise.
It was different from the initial run-in in the mountains and fields, and it was also not like the several trials that followed along the way.
For the first time, Manager Ma vaguely stated his true thoughts, without any vague cover-ups or unrealistic statements.
Somehow, Chu Weiyang suddenly remembered all the messy scenes in the Demon Suppressing Cave.
“Logically speaking, there is no deep hatred between the two of us.”
Manager Ma nodded.
“But many things in the world cannot be completely justified.”
“Otherwise Guo Dian didn’t deserve to die, and I didn’t deserve to suffer like this.”
“But you taught me swordsmanship and talismans after all.”
“I also know that the phantom pain in your heart has also caused you a lot of torture these days.”
“In this way, the day will come when you no longer want to live, or the day when I will really go crazy.”
“The Jingzhe sword has good intentions.”
“I’ll see you off then!”
When the words fell, Manager Ma leaned against the basket, as if he finally breathed a sigh of relief, with a rare look of exhaustion and decadence on his face.
“Okay, great!”
“What a pity. If we had met in another way, we could have been friends.”
Chu Weiyang shook his head noncommittally.
“It has always been difficult to ask God’s will. There is nothing that can be said with certainty. Thinking about the great disaster in the past, entering the Demon Sect, and then entering the Demon Suppressing Cave to suffer, there is nothing that I can decide. Now I am running away in a hurry. You can earn a living even for one day, so how dare you say that two people met each other in the vast sea of ??people.”
Hearing Chu Weiyang’s emotion, Manager Ma sighed in a rare and extremely weak tone.
“Yes, there are very few things in the world that I can say accurately.”
/Sighing, Manager Ma slowly closed his eyes, and within a few breaths, he fell asleep in front of Chu Weiyang.
At this moment, all of Ma Guanshi’s vulnerability was exposed in front of Chu Weiyang.
Half of his body was crushed into mud. During this period of time, Manager Ma suffered another kind of pain that Chu Weiyang could not imagine, and he had to maintain his strength to cope with Chu Weiyang.
At the very beginning, Guanshi Ma bargained with Chu Weiyang, trying to find a way to survive and using his sword skills to gain life.
But I don’t know since when, Manager Ma stopped mentioning this statement.
It was only a short period of painful torture that seemed to have dissipated his spirit and made his real mind almost collapse.
Looking at the sleeping steward Ma, Chu Weiyang seemed to have a premonition.
Even if he achieves nothing in his practice, Guanshi Ma may die in front of him in the near future.