efense power.

If both skills are passive, they are absolutely divine skills at the same level. However, they are both active skills. It is better to wear two more pieces of armor and prepare a few more bottles of healing potions when choosing them.
Fortunately, the investment is not in vain. In exchange for attribute points and skill points, and the basic attribute points are doubled, the return exceeds the expenditure, and you make a small profit.
After allocating free attribute points, the personal panel was refreshed again.
Name: Lu Bei
Race: Human race
Level: 20
/Experience: 5010/12w
Cultivation: 3010/3010
Life: 2200/2200
Main occupation: Taoist cultivator (foundation building)
Sub-professions: Farmer Lv1 (0/100), Alchemist Lv6 (50/30000), Blacksmith Lv4 (10/8000)
Attributes: Strength 90, Speed ??68, Spirit 145, Endurance 100, Charm 4, Luck 3
Evaluation: You boy, you are still worth watching!
“60 points of free attributes add 120 points of effect. Master, I admit that it was me, Meng Lang, who pretended to be reserved when I became a disciple.” Lu Bei sighed repeatedly.
With the remaining 2,300 skill points and 50,000 experience points, he resisted the temptation to learn low-level skills to increase his basic attributes and saved them for later use.
Time passed by and it was three days later.
In the past three days, he has not been idle, working hard to accumulate experience to 100,000, sorting out the Qiankun bag, and receiving a batch of paid assistance from Wei Mao.
Let’s not talk about the chainmail. In addition to the practical elixirs for replenishing Qi and restoring blood, there is also a piece of equipment that Lu Bei can’t put down.
Black gold straight knife.
It is of green quality. The blade is three fingers wide and about one meter long. It has a blood groove to reduce weight and increase strength. It is expected to be thick, steady and domineering.
/Based on Lu Bei’s skills in blacksmithing, it can be seen that this fixed blade has excellent craftsmanship. In terms of the blood groove alone, it has reached the pinnacle of skill in balancing the weight of the blade.
Used in conjunction with the Zhan Zhan Dao technique, it can be said to be even more powerful.
Wei Mao didn’t say this was a family heirloom sword, so Lu Bei understood it as a lost item, and would play with it for a while every night when he returned home to hone his hand and increase his proficiency.
At 3 o’clock in the morning, it was already dark, and the city gate of Dasheng Pass opened. Lu Bei, Zhu Bo, and Feng Si accompanied each other, and the carriage drove towards Dongyang County.
Feng Si drove the carriage, Lu Bei and Zhu Bo rode in the carriage, and a strong middle-aged man drove a horse to accompany him.
Luo Ban, one of Zhu Ting’s personal guards, is responsible for Zhu Bo’s comprehensive affairs.
Coincidentally, the coordinates of the ruins are located in Dongyang County, not far from Lu Bei’s hometown, Langyu County. If the trip goes well, he plans to return to the Sanqing Peak of Jiuz