blood, and then Immediately put a band-aid on the wound.

“There’s nothing wrong with her.” Liu Changan turned around and said to An Nuan.
“Ah?” An Nuan came to her senses and said still worriedly: “Is there really nothing wrong? Do you want to send her to the hospital for a checkup?”
“It’s okay.” Liu Changan shook An Nuan’s hand. She was really a kind little girl.
An Nuan was usually very jealous, and Liu Changan would even look at Liu Yuewang’s back sometimes and try to turn his face away.
Sometimes Liu Changan’s eyes could see her legs and Liu Yuewang’s legs at the same time, and she had to turn his face away.
She has always been very concerned about Bai Hui’s bust, so she wants to grow up so that her boyfriend’s eyes will not fall on Bai Hui’s chest.
But today Qin Yanan was wearing nothing, but she didn’t care about anything and called Liu Changan over.
This is what Liu Changan has always found so cute about her. She has a kind heart and is as warm as a spring breeze. She has never indulged her selfishness without any bottom line.
Today’s situation, if another person were to accompany Qin Yanan, the way of handling and coping might be completely different.
From a certain assumption, if An Nuan was the one who got into trouble today, Liu Changan also believed that Qin Yanan would not hide any small thoughts to delay the matter. The time to distinguish between good and evil is when facing the big issues of right and wrong.
This is why Liu Changan is jealous of An Nuan and Qin Yanan, but is not particularly bothered, because it is impossible for them to do something to each other that Liu Changan cannot tolerate.
“How could she be like this?” An Nuan was puzzled. Her boyfriend’s diagnosis was that Qin Yanan was fine. An Nuan felt that Liu Changan must have his reasons, but this matter was still beyond common sense, and An Nuan couldn’t help but be surprised and confused. , “I have only seen jokes about my girlfriend’s leaking air before, but they are all dolls. Teacher Qin will never be inflated.”
“How should I put it? This condition is not a disease, but it involves people’s physical privacy. I can’t explain anything more to you, because Qin Yanan may not want you to know.” Liu Changan held An Nuan’s palm and fingered it one by one. He pinched his head, looked up at her and smiled, “Don’t worry, let’s go take a dip for a while.”
“How can I go to the hot springs when I’m in the mood? It’s really scary. If we are not here tonight and something happens to Teacher Qin alone, what will happen?” An Nuan asked worriedly: “Then she won’t be like this in the future. Ah, if you faint for no reason at such a young age, there might be some hidden danger. That’s what my mother said.”
“Your mother is right about this, but her problem is quite special. It’s not life-threatening, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Liu Changan let go of her fingers and patted her little volleyball, “Be good. Now, stop asking questions, just like a curious baby.”
/“How can anyone pat someone else’s butt to tell them to behave? It’s