a while, the female classmates arrived one after another. During aerobics performances and competitions, female competitors tend to dress more generously, but in university courses, everyone wears only loose-fitting clothing and shoes that are suitable for sports.

An Nuan is still dressed as a girl full of energy and sunshine. She wears white sports shorts, a short T-shirt, and a pair of flat running shoes. Her slender figure is like an elegant crane strolling in the garden.
An Nuan walked into the gym, touched her neck, and twisted her neck casually, as if she was a little uncomfortable. This movement made her look around for someone covered, and she quickly caught it with the corner of her eye. He reached someone in the stands, then immediately turned around, showing a nonchalant attitude, and kicked the floor to the gathering place.
I don’t want to see him at all.
But if he didn’t come to her today and didn’t show up here, then it would be more appropriate to add at least ten more days, maybe five or three days, and ignore him.
Of course, even if he came to see her today, she would still ignore him.
What are you doing here to find An Nuan? Isn’t there a woman in the school who holds the key to his house and looks like she’s ready to move into his house?
An Nuan turned her back to Liu Changan in the stands and began to make preparations. Didn’t he say that he liked her most because she was good-looking? He didn’t even show him this good-looking face.
An Nuan thought this, and while bending down, she looked between her legs and found that Liu Changan was not looking at her affectionately with sincere, guilty, and apologetic eyes. He was actually reading a book!
When he comes to talk to me later, he will read a book and ignore him, showing no sincerity at all.
“Nuan Nuan, Liu Changan is still the same as in high school!” Zhang Taole, who only had physical education classes with An Nuan, ran over and said to An Nuan with a smile.
In high school, the figure who often sat in the stands when he was practicing volleyball seemed to be his boyfriend now. An Nuan couldn’t help but feel a little sweet in her heart, but she immediately realized her current situation and quickly snorted with a straight face. “He was sitting there looking at me in high school, and now he’s reading a book!”
“Are you attracted by him?” Zhang Taole made an obscene gesture.
“No!” An Nuan’s face turned red, “You are going to die, I will fight you off!”
“How is that possible? I heard that men usually don’t worry so much after they have sex with their girlfriends.” Zhang Taole frowned and thought for a while.
“Okay, don’t gossip about me. Bi Wanwan is also in this class, but she didn’t come to the last class. Did you see the girl wearing tights and pants? She is also in our class, her name is Zhao Xiaotong.” An Nuan smiled and said, “Do you have a particularly good figure and beautiful figure?”
/“Just because she’s dressed like this, we’re not professionals, nor are we going to compete to be really cool.” Zhang Taole wrinkled his nos