a state of tension, psychological pressure leads to abnormal mental states, and they often lose their rationality. They force themselves to think about the scientific knowledge that proves that “ghosts” do not exist, but the fear cannot be dispelled.

If you can’t dispel the fear, you can’t be rational and calm down.
“If you walk too much at night, you will always encounter ghosts.” Gao Dewei said, taking a flashlight and looking around casually.
“Can’t you stop scaring me?” Miao Yingying walked timidly against Gao Dewei’s back.
Bai Hui looked at Miao Yingying with admiration. It turns out that women can become so witty when they pursue men. It is said that men in love have higher IQ and EQ. Isn’t it the same for women?
Relatively speaking, I haven’t had this change, probably because I’m not pursuing Liu Changan at all, I just show a little affection for him occasionally, which is completely different.
Isn’t it normal to show affection to outstanding boys? It doesn’t count as pursuit. Confession over confession doesn’t count as pursuit.
“Have you seen “Mr. Zombie”?” Liu Changan said, “It’s the part where weddings and weddings collide in the foggy forest of hundreds of ghosts. They are obviously just little ghosts like water ghosts and bride ghosts, but the film shows an evil and domineering atmosphere. a feeling of”
/“Stop talking!” Bai Hui quickly turned around and covered Liu Changan’s mouth.
But Liu Changan didn’t expect that she would stop and look back. Bai Hui collided with him. Bai Hui turned pale with fright. Her other hand grabbed his waist tightly and refused to let him go. Go forward.
“Liu Chang’an, you lunatic, this is the shadow of childhood, okay! Even if you let me see it again now, I will be so scared that I can’t sleep!” Miao Yingying bumped her teeth a few times and quickly closed her eyes and shook her head to disperse it. The movie stills that appeared involuntarily in my mind include the dazzling red color, the weird dance, the weird music, and the pale and expressionless bride sitting in the sedan chair.
/Bai Hui and Miao Yingying really regretted that they should not have followed them.
“Let’s recite poetry.” Seeing Gao Dewei open his mouth to say something, Miao Yingying quickly thought of a way to stop him.
It would be nice to have an orange in your hand.
If only he had more courage, or Bai Hui and Liu Changan were not present, or there was another way.
So several people carried the poem and came to the foot of the mountain next to the river.
“Ah!” Bai Hui felt something soft under her feet, screamed in fright and hid behind Liu Changan.
Liu Changan took a flashlight and looked at it. It was a dead snake.
“Didn’t you say there are no snakes at this time?” Miao Yingying quickly took Bai Hui’s hand and stood together, because Gao Dewei actually used the engineer shovel in his hand to fiddle with the snake.
Gao Dewei also felt strange, how could there be snakes dying on the roadside during this season?
Liu Changan bent down, turned over the snake, and took a few glances.