s sweating a lot, the snow on her clothes had melted a lot, and she was all wet. Zhou Shuling was making breakfast, so she gave Zhou Dongdong the task of changing clothes. Passed it to Liu Changan.

Liu Changan carried Zhou Dongdong to the electric heating table and took off his clothes. He touched his back and saw that it was covered with sweat. Before he could wipe away the sweat with the towel, Zhou Dongdong quickly got under the electric heating table and hid. It was warm inside. Liu Changan went upstairs to get the clothes he wanted to change, but Zhou Dongdong was down there and refused to come out.
It’s just that the child couldn’t wear winter clothes by herself. Liu Changan didn’t just throw the clothes under the electric heating table and let her change by herself. He took a stick and poked her under the electric heating table and finally drove her out and caught her. wear clothes.
/After breakfast, Liu Changan and Zhou Shuling went to the vegetable market to buy fish. Fish is essential for the New Year’s Eve dinner, in order to have more than enough every year.
“Actually, it’s also very auspicious for you to save a dollar in Yu’e Bao.” Liu Changan said to Zhou Shuling.
“Can it be the same?” Zhou Shuling didn’t think so.
“If there is any difference, it is all for good luck. Fish is a surplus, and Yu’e Bao is also a surplus.”
“It’s just different.” Zhou Shuling insisted, even though there was no reason. Why do you have to think of a reason for many things, or think about why? Just like Zhou Shuling feels that her current life is very happy and happy, so she won’t think about unnecessary things.
At this time, a small car skidded, causing a burst of snowflakes to fall. Zhou Shuling was startled and quickly took Liu Changan’s arm and hid aside.
“It’s several meters apart. I think I’m scaring you.” Liu Changan laughed. Sometimes he often wondered whether Zhou Shuling was as stupid as Zhou Dongdong when she was a child, but she was not as lucky as Zhou Dongdong.
Zhou Dongdong met the gentle and kind brother Chang’an at a very young age, who was like a god descending to shine on all living beings. Zhou Shuling did not have such a blessing when she was a child, and no one took care of and preserved her honest innocence and simplicity.
In fact, it doesn’t mean that Zhou Shuling is no longer naive and simple. It’s just that she has experienced a lot of ups and downs in the world, but the fundamental things in her temperament have not been wiped out, and now she is gradually recovering.
“What if it kept sliding over, knocked away the small tree again, and ran onto the sidewalk?” Zhou Shuling said with a sigh of relief. If she could drive, she would only do it when there was no one on the street and the weather was good. Only then did I dare to drive out slowly. These people dared to drive on a snowy day. They were so audacious.
“Unless it is coming at you and wants to hit you, the probability of this happening is zero.” Liu Changan also thought about the car, “Go buy a car and take the two children out to ea